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The History Of The United States Since 1950 As Told By Energy

It was pretty much just biggerer and biggerer up until the early 1970s when everything changed. Since then, the plot has thickened, as it were. A few highlights:

Buh-bye industry.
Hello more and more driving.
We got better at home energy efficiency but we also chose bigger homes and filled them more stuff that uses [...]

LaHood Drank The Kool-Aid

When Obama chose Republican Ray LaHood to lead the U.S. Department of Transportation last December, transit advocates were nonplussed. But they must be serving up the hard stuff in the White House, cause here’s what LaHood had to say last week:
“In the past, population and economic growth have always led to large increases in [...]


[ Lowrise apartments on 10th Ave, just north of Broadway on Capitol Hill ]
About a year ago the good people of the City of Seattle became exceedingly alarmed about the assault of the awful townhouse. Piling on, I put forth a theory on the root causes of the suckiness, and also pointed out [...]

About As Good As It Gets For Market Rate, Mid-rise Multifamily

Not too shabby, this Brix condo building on Broadway.  Clean, well-proportioned, legible design; no extraneous decoration, and not afraid to let one style run the entire height and length of the facade; big but not monstrous; scaled down on the back side of the block with ground-related entries.   Even the retail tenants — Broadway institutions [...]

May Day and Mayday

As the latest downcycle of our fanastically cruel economic system continues to shred the design community, my motivation has hit the wall. 
Your turn.  What’s on your mind?  An open thread.  Or something.