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Broadway’s Next Six-Story Building

What Essex Broadway, LLC, and Driscoll Architects have in mind for the site formerly occupied by QFC on Broadway, between Republican and Mercer. The complete design proposal is available here, project number 3004668. So are we inspired yet? If nothing else, it’s going to make Brix, currently under construction across the street, look that much […]

Issaquah Net-Zero Energy Homes

The City of Issaquah recently selected David Vandervort Architects for their net zero energy home demonstration project in Issaquah Highlands. Noland Homes plans to begin construction in Summer 2008. The goal for these homes is that over the course of a year, their net energy use will be zero. The expectation is that energy consumption […]

Toward Hugeass

The forecasts above, published by the Puget Sound Regional Council for the four-county Puget Sound Region, show that by 2040 we can expect about 40% more people and 50% more jobs than we have today. Perhaps this explains our skyline of construction cranes.

Pining For Tall and Skinny

For years folks in Seattle have been talking about how we ought to be doing tall-skinny residential towers, like the so-called “point towers” common in Vancouver, BC. Depending on your point of view — literally — we now have our first: the 5th and Madison Condos: [ Photo: Dan Bertolet ] The building is way […]

Rethinking Bike Lanes

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Skyscraper Porn, Bellevue-Style

SkyscraperPage Forum has the goods on Seattle’s titillating competition over on the other side of the lake:

Small is Beautiful, Part II

This is a parking garage door that doesn’t wreck the streetscape: And this,* below, is a parking garage door that leaves an unpleasant gaping hole in the streetscape: But hey, cars are only about six or seven feet wide, so why are these 20-foot wide caverns the norm? In short, it’s building code for dumb […]

Sad, Sad Flame War

It’s day-after-Christmas-deadly-slow news day at the Seattle PI, and the question of whether or not cyclists should be licensed makes the front page, top of the fold. A total non-issue. The impact that bicycles have on traffic flow, safety, and street construction and maintenance in Seattle is infinitesimal. Not to mention that by using bikes […]

“It’s like having the city come out to the suburbs.”

Like Northgate’s Thornton Place, but twice as tall and probably about twice as expensive: Nouvelle at Natick. This is the mall I grew up with, in Natick, Massachusetts, a town of 32,000 people, located 15 miles west of Boston. When I say town, I mean town: it is still governed by representative town meeting. Three […]

Small is Beautiful*

My favorite mixed-use infill building in Seattle: 1310 East Union Street, developed by Liz Dunn, designed by Miller/Hull. What makes this building exceptional is its modest size and scale. The lot is only 40 feet wide. It’s a 65-foot tall building but is not at all imposing from the street. This building is a living […]

Cheap SLUT

  Just took a ride on the Seattle Streetcar!, and as we started at Westlake and Stewart, and immediately stopped at Westlake and Stewart, then started, and immediately stopped at Westlake and 6th, then started, and immediately stopped at Westlake and Virginia St, then started, and immediately stopped at Westlake and 7th,… you get the picture…I […]

Seattle Skyscraper Porn

Take a peek. It’s wicked awesome. Like this:

Hang In There White Center: We’re Totally Committed to Continuing To Consider

In celebration of the Seattle City Council’s historically decisive vote to “continue considering” the annexation of the North Highline area, two images from White Center. Now don’t get me wrong — I’m not meaning to get all urban-elite-snob on White Center. Pics like these could easily have been taken in Seattle (my next door neighbor’s back […]

Just Say No To Costco

In an effort to preserve industry in Seattle, the City just passed legislation limiting the size of non-industrial uses in industrial zones. Retail uses are limited to 25,000 square feet, which is roughly half the size of a modern Safeway, and one-seventh the size of the titanic 175,000-square-foot Costco on 4th Ave S., which is […]

Maybe Someone Could Pass the Word to the SPD…

Found this SFPD bicycle training video while perusing the interweb at work. I’m particularly fond of how it encourages cyclist to take the lane on roads lacking bike lanes.

R.I.P. Croc

Speaking of commodifying dissent, thank you sprizee. (And sadly no, you didn’t see it here first…)

More Songs about Buildings and Blame

Knowing that buildings account for about half of CO2 emissions, what to do? Most buildings live a long time — 50 to 100 years or more. Thus one might assume it’s unrealistic to expect any significant short-term reduction in CO2 emissions could be achieved by making new buildings more energy efficient, simply because there will […]

There was a Seattle Before Vulcan

Gettin High in South Lake Union

  View of South Lake Union (courtesy of Seattle Times) Vulcan, Inc wants the City to increase height limits in South Lake Union from 65 and 85 FT to 160 FT to allow for 12-story buildings that would accommodate Amazon when they move from their Beacon Hill and Columbia Tower locations. The City is moving […]

Commodify Your Dissent*

Condos are bad, bad BAD! *Post title courtesy of smartypants author Thomas Frank.