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Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 3

Think Global. Vote Local.

(Editors’s note:  HAC is thoroughly stoked to publish the following contribution by Alex Steffen, co-founder of Worldchanging, and one of the nation’s most forward-thinking and inspirational voices on sustainability.) I spend most of my waking hours exploring solutions for the planet’s most pressing problems. My teammates and I take in absurd amount of information, reading hundreds of […]

MTV Has Taken Over My Neighborhood Bike Shop

The scene tonight at 2020 Cycle on Union Street in the CD.  Lynne Shelton, director of the awesome Humpday is behind it, so maybe it will actuallly be good when it’s all done.  Bikes are that cool now.

Ye Olde Crosscut Not Dead Yet

Publicola just reported that online news and opinion non-profit is set to receive a $100,000 grant from the Gates Foundation.  And they’ve also hired a new deputy editor, who will hopefully pay a bit more attention to the credibility of what they publish.   Coincidentally, this past week saw two land-use-related pieces that show Crosscut’s […]

Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 2

Write In Fred MacMurray for Mayor

A little bird told me that Arthur Murray is going to officially announce the launch of his write-in campaign for Mayor of Seattle on Monday.   Cause everyone knows we mustn’t leave the mayorship up for grabs between two candidates who are not beholden to the insider Democrat machine that has gotten all too comfortably used […]

hugeasscity has left to live at of all places

URL redirects from to should happen automatically.  That is, assuming I don’t do anything to anger the Technology Gods.  But it’s probably not a bad idea to update your links anyway.  And please leave a comment if you experience any weirdness with the URL redirects.

Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 1

Cars Are Our Salvation Forever

I have been so wrong about cars.  They’re great!

Public Service Announcement

Proper Lighting Is Everything

It was most unfair of me to post a picture of the new Trader Joe’s addition at 17th and Olive on Capitol Hill in such an unflattering, drab, gray light.  Behold its chromatic magnificence in the pristine summer evening sun.

Are We Garden-Variety Fucked, Or Are We Massively, Irrevocably, Royally Fucked?

Do pardon my French, but have you heard the latest on climate change and methane? It’s been predicted for years, and now it’s happening. Deep in the Arctic Ocean, water warmed by climate change is forcing the release of methane from beneath the sea floor. Or perhaps you didn’t catch this bit of news from […]

Watch Out for the “Sustainablists”

To read more about how sustainable development is the “root of all our problems” check out this entertaining article in the Deweese Report, a free (not surprising) publication put out by the American Policy Center.  The article is off-base in so many ways, I wouldn’t even know where to begin a rebuttal. The conspiratoriall tone is […]

How To Win In November

What comes next?* As Mallahan and McGinn now turn their attention to the general I thought I would post my $0.02 about what could happen next. I could be totally wrong about my sense of this but, from a political perspective, I think this is how to win. Stick with the tunnel! Detractors have whined […]

Did Strategic Voting Take Down Nickels?

In the last few weeks before the August 18 primary election a meme sprouted that Nickels supporters should consider voting for McGinn because a Nickels/McGinn race would lead to a more progressive debate in the general election.  There was also talk among some Nickels supporters that voting for McGinn could be a good strategic move […]

A New Equation: McGinn > Mallahan > Nickels

[ McGinn addresses the crowd tonight at Havana on Capitol Hill ] Whooda thunk?  Half the votes counted.  Is there any good reason to believe this trend will change when the other half is counted? [  The 11 o’clock news is on it, out in the parking lot on the 1000 block of Pike Street […]

Thanks for the Heads Up!

(aside from a reprimand from dan bertolet, this is the other notice I received yesterday)  

Dear Crosscut: Please Improve Your Quality Control

Last Tuesday Crosscut published a piece by Kent Kammerer that is premised with a blatant fabrication.   Kammerer writes: Not long ago a representative from Futurewise and a realtor said that Seattle’s population will double by 2040. The first clue that the above statement is not on the up and up is that there are no […]

“Like a Beautiful Child, Growing Up Free and Wild”

bobbysherman-seattle12 (Bobby Sherman…you sarcastic S.O.B.)

Hey you who are reading this: Who are you, and do you vote?

I haven’t voted yet.  And the fact is, my one vote will make no difference to the outcome of the election.  But damn the torpedoes, vote I shall, which will put me in the minority—we’re told to expect something like 35 percent turnout for the August 18 primary election. Though Google knows everything about all […]