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Two Years Old

Even with the handicap of a blog name that’s embarrassing to say in polite company—whatever that is—it only took two years of blogging—whatever that is—for me to go from being a complete loser nobody, to being a guy with the Seattle Mayor-elect in his back pocket.  You need something from the new Mayor, come talk […]

Retail Therapy

>>> Instead of staring at the screen all day waiting for the next King County ballot drop, why not do a little online shopping?  Especially since the fine folks at Noisetank have just launched a highly anticipated new line of designer t-shirts for the discerning urbanist. Don’t believe it?  CLICK HERE and be amazed at […]

A Testimonial, Albeit With One Big Caveat

More Noise Please*

When I saw this headline: Stable temps could chill work on climate treaty on the front page of Wednesday’s Seattle Times I immediately assumed is was  shoddy climate change reporting reflecting that paper’s ideological leanings.  But no, turns out it was originally published by the New York Times and written by their top climate change […]

hugeasscity has left to live at of all places

URL redirects from to should happen automatically.  That is, assuming I don’t do anything to anger the Technology Gods.  But it’s probably not a bad idea to update your links anyway.  And please leave a comment if you experience any weirdness with the URL redirects.

Dear Crosscut: Please Improve Your Quality Control

Last Tuesday Crosscut published a piece by Kent Kammerer that is premised with a blatant fabrication.   Kammerer writes: Not long ago a representative from Futurewise and a realtor said that Seattle’s population will double by 2040. The first clue that the above statement is not on the up and up is that there are no […]

Hey you who are reading this: Who are you, and do you vote?

I haven’t voted yet.  And the fact is, my one vote will make no difference to the outcome of the election.  But damn the torpedoes, vote I shall, which will put me in the minority—we’re told to expect something like 35 percent turnout for the August 18 primary election. Though Google knows everything about all […]

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