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Hugeasscity Has Sold Out To THE MAN

It’s old news by now, but for those of you outside the Seattle hipster-wonk-politico bubble, let it be known: hugeasscity has found a new home on Publicola. Content will be much the same, though likely with more of a reporting flavor at times. The site will become inactive, but will stay live as an […]

Land Use Love

[ A note of explanation:  This post was deemed inappropriate for PubliCola consumption,  so I’m publishing it here, and realizing how much I miss the old hugeasscity. ] Change is good. And during my recent blogging hiatus, mind purified and calm after a 600-mile sprint through the Pyrenees on a Ducati 996 followed by a […]

The Coolest Park & Ride Ever

As a rule, I try to keep my employer out of HAC, but recent discussions of park & rides combined with a bad case of Portland envy compel me to break that rule presently. For you see, my GGLO colleagues and I just responded to a call for concepts for Memorial Coliseum in Portland’s Rose […]

Parking Policy Pickle

[ Editor’s note: HAC is pleased to publish the following post by Sara Nikolic, Co-Director at Futurewise ] The City’s no park-and-ride policy around light rail stations has long been contentious, and this past week the controversy  heated  up when several SE Seattle businesses were ordered to stop selling spots to commuters in their underutilized surface lots […]

“When I have nothing to say….”

…my lips are sealed Say something once Why say it again?” But thankfully, with the help of the fabulous interwebs, one can have nothing to say and still pretend to have something to say by copping what other people say. Watch me now: Apparently Alex Steffen was so bored this weekend he managed to crank out two great pieces, one […]

File Under Portland Envy

This past October the Portland City Council adopted a new Climate Action Plan, coauthored by the City and Multnomah County. The Plan includes a greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, similar to the report recently published by the City of Seattle, but that’s where the similarity ends. Because apparently unlike Seattle, Portland is taking the issue of […]

Prospects for Affordable Housing in Seattle

In the new issue of AIA Seattle Forum focussing on the “Architecture of Inclusion.”  Read the whole thing here. >>> >>> UPDATE: Here’s the pie chart that was mistakenly left out of the published article:

“That mature attitude seems to have largely vanished.”

[ Snowpocalyspe 2008, on Union near 23rd Ave ] David Brooks—who doesn’t always suck—wrote in a recent column: Now we seem to expect perfection from government and then throw temper tantrums when it is not achieved. We seem to be in the position of young adolescents — who believe mommy and daddy can take care […]

Don’t Worry, It’s Probably Nothing

[ Excavation at 505 1st Ave; photo: Scott Durham ] What fun it must have been excavating the 4-story underground parking garage for the new Starbucks building at 505 1st Ave S, as shown in the photos (thank you Scott at CD News). The spectacular mess they encountered—reportedly extending down as far as 40 to […]

Time Passages (They Grow Up So Fast)

[ 4.30.08: John and Pontius ] [ 8.29.09: John and Pontius ] >>> >>> >>> [ 4.25.08: Denny and Westlake ] [ 6.24.09: Denny and Westlake ] >>> >>> >>> [ 4.25.08: Taylor and Denny ] [ 7.20.09: Taylor and Denny ] >>> >>> >>> [ 5.5.08: 8th and Columbia ] [ 6.4.09: 8th and […]