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HugeAss Presidential

Name That Year in US History: The President of the United States is being accused of starting a War on false pretenses. The President precipitates the War – believing that the military will prevail easily – but claims publicly that the enemy provoked the hostilities. The opposition party supports the War at first, and continues […]

Not About Seattle

This is an exciting moment in American Political History. We have recently entered the final year of the hated GW Bush’s reign, and we are in the midst of the “primary” fight to succeed him. Today, the Saturday before the ’08 Super Tuesday” primary – which somehow drifted from March to February – We got […]


How does more taxes, pro-abortion, pro-partial birth abortion, pro-gay rights, pro-regulation, how does that play…(ANDREW NAPOLITANO, FOX News senior judicial analyst: The Big Story with John Gibson, 7/7/04) So I am thinking about that bland phrase “pro-regulation”, and how it’s actually code for “tree hugging mother f*k*r”. And how pointless, really, it is to point […]

Hell to the People

I really feel like an outsider. Maybe it’s just red state/blue state sort of thing. I feel foolish because I insist on believing that it’s OK that our government should raise taxes in order fix problems. Especially problems like bridges threatening to break apart, or even Seattle’s Ferries rusting towards decrepitude. So when Chris Gregoire, […]