‘hood context

What Seattle neighborhood is home to this beauty?

4 Responses to “‘hood context”

  1. michael

    That’s my hood!!!
    I kind of like how it glistens in the sun and the green tiles contrast with the fall foliage…

  2. kkurmudgeon

    Hell on Earth, or is this Overland Park, Kansas, or both?

  3. Phil McCrakin

    “We are each our own devil, and we make this world our hell.”

  4. michael

    It’s interesting how we all have individual notions of neighborhood context and aesthetics, and how this affects our work in the planning and design world. Of course it is always helpful to know what specifically turns people on or off. Snarky comments and quotes only get you so far.

    I live very close to the Seattle Vocational School (pictured above), and it took me a while before I even noticed this building. It sits in a topographical depression across the street from Washington Middle School. What is the context here? Commercial (23rd Ave, Franz bakery) and Institutional development immediately nearby, and some residential to the north fairly well buffered by mature trees and vegetation. It may be offensive to some, but for me it sort of conjures images of seawater and blends nicely with gray skies.

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