The Result of No More Restrictions!

[ Image courtesy J. Shea ]

7 Responses to “The Result of No More Restrictions!”

  1. Andrew

    maybe, but they can’t actually build past 1000 ft no matter what with the FAA flight path rules.

  2. cp

    Awful choice of buildings to put there. Now I’m not so sure I’d want restrictions lifted…

  3. PostModernDecay

    It’s just a deliberate, massive exaggeration for a laugh for two.

  4. cp

    point taken ;-)

  5. dan bertolet

    The DOC-1 (downtown office core) zone currently has no height restriction. Bring it!

  6. Andrew

    IT has no height restrict technically, but it’s still in an FAA flight path, so they can’t build past 1000 ft.

  7. Chanel tote

    I saw this genuinely good post these days!…

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