Development Memory Hole: Terminal 46

Remember four or five years ago when everyone was hot for Terminal 46? But the Port of Seattle didn’t want to play, so all we’ve got to show for it are these pretty pictures:

[ Nitze-Stagen’s vision for Terminal 46; rendering by William Hook ]

[ Rendering from Allied Arts 2004 Waterfront Design Charette ]

[ Rendering from Allied Arts 2004 Waterfront Design Charette ]

[ 3D model from 2004 University of Washington Urban Design Studio ]

6 Responses to “Development Memory Hole: Terminal 46”

  1. michael

    Hey, where is your 3D model from studio DB? You should post that as well…good stuff.

  2. dorian gray

    Economically it made sense -utilize the unused Qwest Field parking for Sonics parking, and ease Sonic-Mercer mess gridlock. Also use the new Sonics arena as a convention center and cruise terminal to mitigate public investment necessary.

  3. Greg

    Hmmm..i always wondered about this location’s liquification potential during an earthquake. That said, it was kind of a nifty idea.

  4. Terminal 46 Has Arisen, Not So Much | hugeasscity

    […] I had a premonition. Terminal 46 has been pulled back out of the memory hole by the folks who want to bring us “Emerald City Center.” They don’t have any land or funding, but they think Terminal 46 would make a dandy location for the multi-sports and cultural complex rendered above. Oh, and they haven’t gotten around to asking the Port of Seattle if that would be OK. All I have to say is I think it looks like across between a horseshoe crab and a pillbug. […]

  5. Pike-Pine Must Learn To Survive Without A BMW Dealership | hugeasscity

    […] But if you’re gonna have giant car dealerships in the city, then this is about as sensible a location as you could find. It’s practically underneath I-90 and surrounded by industrial uses, some functioning, some defunct. Definitely not an attractive area for housing. A few years ago Urban Visions had plans in the works for a project called Stadium East, consisting of one million square feet of office on the 6.5 acres across Airport Way from the BMW site (see rendering below), but I could find no info on the current status (another one falls into the memory hole?). […]

  6. Chet Wakham

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