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Density Plague Infests Bellevue

[ A lunch I had in Bellevue last weekend to celebrate a rare visit to the Eastside. After I ordered one Big Mac, the guy working behind the counter asked if I wanted two for the price of one, and I said, "are you offering me a free Big Mac?" and he said yes, [...]

Land Use No-Brainer: Interbay Upzone

[ Interbay; North is to the right ]
As reported in the Seattle PI today, and in the Seattle Times back in January, pretty much everyone* agrees that upzoning the Interbay district is a good idea. Interbay, which is not an official neighborhood, is a chunk of neglected land just south of the Ballard Bridge, [...]

Ban Big Box

[ Preferred option for the proposed new Safeway building in Pinehurst ]
As is clear in the site plan above, the proposed (big pdf) new Safeway in Seattle’s Pinehurst neighborhood is the standard suburban model — a single-use, single-story big box grocery store next to a sea of surface parking. An urban community that possessed [...]


[ Seneca St. and Minor Ave. on First Hill ]
I like this building because it’s purple. Our City lacks purple.
I can think of only one other large building in Seattle that has a lot of purple on it, and that’s Site 17 condos at 2440 Western Ave. in Belltown. The Epicenter in Fremont is [...]

CO2 Regulation Envy

Governor Gregoire is going to beat King County Executive Ron Sims to it: the State legislature just passed House Bill 2815, which establishes reduction targets for C02 emissions as well as strategies for achieving these reductions.
Meanwhile the City of Seattle, whose Mayor is noted for spearheading the US Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, has not yet [...]

Apartments Are the New Condos

[ Rendering of Kinects Apartments at 1823 Minor Ave. ]
If you’ve been wondering how much the Seattle market has shifted from condos to apartments, check out this mountainous list of new and proposed downtown apartment projects recently posted by the ever-industrious Seattle Condo Blog.
As with the Denny Way projects, I can’t resist doing the math:
Olivian; [...]

On Art and Architecture

Stating the Obvious

[ 14th Ave. and E. Yesler Way ]
(Apologies in advance. So sorry. Not news. Nothing original here. You’ve heard it all before.)
Just a friendly reminder: We used to be better at making good buildings. The building on the left is probably 80 or 90 years old. The building [...]

Bike Lanes on 23rd Ave: Patience Grasshopper

[ Diagram of a "road diet," which will be necessary to fit bike lanes on 23rd Ave ]
As previously reported, the City of Seattle’s new Bike Master Plan shows bike lanes on 23rd Ave, south of Madison St. Since 23rd Ave is so narrow, the only way this could happen is if the road loses [...]

It’s Fun to Pretend

So Un-Seattle

Now we’re talking tall and skinny. The building in the rendering above, known as the Trophy Building, is Pb Elemental’s proposed design for a 440′ residential tower with a footprint of a mere ~2000 square feet. There will be only 19 residential units in the building, each unit occupying two full floors.
This tower [...]

Late Winter in Seattle

[ Witt Winter Garden, Washington Park Arboretum; All photos: Dan Bertolet ]

Regulating the CO2 Emissions of New Development

This is huge (hat tip: Sightline):
“King County Executive Ron Sims plans to introduce legislation that would allow the county to reject or modify development projects because of their effect on global warming.”
If passed, it will be a first for the entire country. And it will have a profound impact on future development.
No doubt [...]