Seeking Nominations For Least Used Park In Seattle

If a fountain gushes next to a roaring freeway and there’s no one around to hear it, does it make a sound?

You’ll find the fountain shown above in the southernmost sliver of Freeway Park, tucked between 6th Ave, I-5, and the Seneca offramp. Why would anyone want to spend time here? Why would anyone want to walk here? There is pretty much zero attraction, unless you really really like to look at fountains.

Just to the east of the fountain is another strip of Freeway Park that lines the southern edge of Seneca Street as it crosses I-5, shown above. It sure looks cool having all that green (and sometimes purple) bursting out of and hanging down from the concrete. But it’s all for show — rarely would one expect a human to set foot in this bit of park. It’s too loud and it’s too isolated.

As the City of Seattle considers a new parks levy, it would also be sensible to look carefully at the parks we already have and assess what works and what doesn’t.  Therefore, I hereby nominate the above-described SW corner of Freeway Park as a candidate for The Least Used Park In Seattle.  Hugeasscity seeks contending nominees.