They call it a city for a reason…

From the 24th and Marion mailing list regarding a proposed small bar at 25th and union that Erin Nestor and Rebecca Denk of the Bottleneck Lounge want to open:

“There are a handful of neighbors that are very opposed to this project.  They do not want a bar as their neighbor… matter what type.”

I’m truly at a loss for words here. Bars are the types of establishments that give neighborhoods character. They become meeting places and centers of community. Perhaps those that object would prefer to move to the anti-social suburbs?

“They are concerned about drunk driving, noise from people coming and leaving the venue, and parking issues.”

Neighborhood bars like the one proposed at 25th and Union probably do more to discourage drunk driving by *gasp* encouraging people to walk to their neighborhood bar. Look at capitol hill, nearly no one who lives on the hill actually drives to the bar. People take cabs, ride bikes and walk. I don’t necessarily think Union and 23rd to 25th needs to have the same level of activity as pike/pine in capitol hill, but it would be really nice to have some sort of life on that street after dark, as oppose to drug pushing. Oh and good neighbors please get used to the fact that non of us are entitled to free street parking.

Anyway we can all help:

“Erin and Rebecca have invited us to send letters of support to the WA State Liquor Board.

Here is the address:

Washington State Liquor Control Board
Licensing and Regulation
PO Box 43098
Olympia, WA  98504-3098
Attention: Dean Lau

Liquor license #: 403447
1137 25th Ave. Unit E”