I Didn’t Even Know What City I Was In



[ South Park Marina on the Duwamish ]

2 Responses to “I Didn’t Even Know What City I Was In”

  1. JoshMahar

    I love that building! It’s got so much potential being right next to the South Park Bridge, on the river, and pretty close to Georgetown. Subdivide it up, fix a few windows, stick a big ‘ol’ wooden porch there and that place will be hoppin.

    I can’t wait for the Duwamish Superfund cleanup. That will do wonders for densifying (but hopefully not gentrifying) the Duwamish Valley. Hopefully we can keep and restore a lot of those industrial buildings for a unique neighborhood feel.

  2. Andrew

    Don’t get too excited about superfund clean-up, there’s not as much money there as the P-I made it seem like there might be.

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