CD Deano’s Almost Gone!

Not an historic landmark, but still, most would probably admit it hurts a little to lose all that brick.

Developer Jim Mueller is bullish on the Central District. Including the recently purchased Deano’s site at 22nd and Madison, Mueller is also developing the Twilight Exit site across the street (the blue building in the photo), as well as 23rd and Union.

2 Responses to “CD Deano’s Almost Gone!”

  1. Adam P

    I grew up on 19th and Republican during the 90’s and went to Meany Middle School and Stevens. This was a time when Madison was almost like the berlin wall, dividing the seedy parts of seattle from the rich part. It might sounds weird but I have a mental map in my head, block by block, of where is safe and were isn’t and Madison was the line I would never consider crossing. It was no man’s land.

    This single block played a HUGE role in my negative view of Madison and I’m glad to see it gone.

  2. Andrew

    I grew up on 17th and Prospect at the same time.
    It’s at one time cool to see that part of town turn into a mid-rise district, but it’s also weird to see it change so much from when I was a kid.

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