Getting Radical in Medfield

Radical = Traditional Neighborhood Development.

This new project is the first of its kind in Medfield. The condo homes are on a scale similar to the housing in Seattle’s High Point neighborhood. Single family homes range from 2000 to 3000 sf, and there will also be duplexes (not yet built). The front yards are 12 feet deep; rear alleys provide access to garages; there is a large, central, shared green space.

It’s located about half a mile from Medfield’s downtown center, which puts it in the walkable category. However, the walk would be on a narrow sidewalk with no planting strip along a busy highway. The reality is that, at least in the near future, the people who live here will probably use their cars to do almost everything, just as the vast majority of Medfield residents do.

It’s encouraging to see the concept of higher density housing penetrating a town like Medfield that is so entrenched in the low-density, single-family tradition. And the people appear to be ready get “radical” — its a slow market but several have already sold. The dark blue unit in the photo below went for ~$820k.