It’s almost as if I just returned from the nuthouse: what a sight it was to see the street life around Pike/Pine.

So what if a man was shot and killed on the street three blocks from where I live in the Central District while I was away. Last February there was a murder in Medfield not a half a mile from where I stayed. And suburban murders are always way creepier.

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  1. Aja

    You live mere blocks from me. How strange, I never think of Seattle bloggers living in the CD.

  2. Oran

    Welcome back! I’ve always called trips out into the rural areas “sanity checks”. When I see the Seattle skyline from the ferry or train or bus or whatever, I feel relieved. That also counts for trips from places like Everett.

  3. Spencer

    Nuemo’s is in the CD?!?!?! I always thought of that area as Cap.Hill. Or is the photo from where you work?

  4. JesseJB

    If that photo is from your apartment, how much are you paying and when can I move in there?!

  5. michael strangeways

    why are you hanging out of the window at Value Village?

  6. dorian gray

    You live there!? You’re much braver than I thought.

  7. Joshua

    Dan, you must have just returned from the ‘burbs. If you had been returning from New York City, I think your blog would have been more in the flavor of: “where’s all the street life???”

  8. JoshMahar

    You missed all the true street life there during Block Party! Oh man, I rode my bike up from the parade at Westlake to Block Party and I felt like I had moved to India or something with all the people loitering. It was glorious! What is with these “No Loitering” signs anyway. Isn’t that what public space is for?

  9. JesseJB

    heh too bad 50% of the crowd were bridge and tunnel bros looking to watch vampire weekend.

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