The Massively Important Issue of Sidewalk Etiquette

I walk to work everyday and have, for a long time, been perplexed by why so many people don’t know how to use sidewalks.   The generally accepted method is much akin to how cars and bikes use roadways.  Your path of travel should always be to your right (Anyone wager on how many folks are going to comment about path of travel in, oh say, Britain?).  And as much as I adhere to this principle, I constantly encounter people “hugging” the building line of a sidewalk to their left.  Does anyone know why people are drawn to doing this? Especially downtown at peak hours.  For the most part I’ve begun to hold my ground and just plow into people who are refusing to move.  Hell, folks do it to me all the time.  So in case there are some people out there who are unsure of proper sidewalk travel etiquette, decorum, propriety (all imply observance of the formal requirements governing behavior in polite society), I’ve included the below diagram for everyone to understand how to properly use a sidewalk.