Drill Baby Drill! Right On Dude, High Five! (And May God Continue to Bless the United States of America)

You’ve heard about it already, but it’s so depressingly hilarious and sick at the same time I can’t stop myself from joining the echo chamber: In the biggest convention of one of the two most powerful political parties on planet earth, like a pack of drunken frat boys at a football game the crowd “spontaneously” and repeatedly erupts into chants of “drill baby drill.”

But yes, it cannot be denied: come November half–give or take–of the voting population of the United States will cast their vote for the Republican presidential candidate. Would not such a testosterone-pumped, reality-denying display be political suicide in any other civilized nation? And during Palin’s speech, does anyone care to venture a guess at what fraction of the male conventioneers–from the Tommy Hilfiger twenty-something man-dudes to the jowly, snarling good ol’ boy gas bags–were joking to one another about how they’d like to drill her, baby?

And wait, is this not the same country in which Inconvenient Truth won an Academy Award, where there are months-long waiting lists for Priuses? Unfortunately, another inconvenient truth is we’ll be lucky if even the Democrats get it right on climate change.

Yin-Yang balance and tension are healthy ingredients of any culture. Multiple personality disorder, not so much.

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  1. Dan Staley

    One of the maxims of chess is: one of the hardest things to do is win a won game.

    Yet again, the Dems are losing a won game. Can’t anyone here play this game? Sheesh. How hard can it be to beat these people?

  2. michael

    “Election campaigns matter because who gets elected can change reality. But election campaigns are primarily about the realities of voters’ minds, which depend on how the candidates and the external realities are cognitively framed. They can be framed honestly or deceptively, effectively or clumsily. And they are always framed from the perspective
    of a worldview.

    The Republican strength has been mostly symbolic. The McCain campaign is well aware of how Reagan and W won-running on character: values, communication, (apparent) authenticity, trust, and identity – not issues and policies. That is how campaigns work, and symbolism is central.”
    – George Lakoff

    Dems are clumsy and apparently slow learners

  3. JesseJB

    I thought that part of the speech was hugely embarrassing.

    Ive also been told be people on the Right many times that “God provided the oil for us to use and there is tons of it.”

    Manifest Destiny, baby. Drill Drill!

  4. Andrew

    We need to accept this:

    Obama will lose. He’s John Kerry all over again.

    The republicans are just much better at this game than the democrats are.

    Much much better.

  5. Dan Staley

    Ayup. That’s the way it looks to me at this juncture. But refusing to hit back doesn’t mean he’s another John Kerry. Just a Dem politician.

  6. Joshua

    Ok, let’s not get too carried away here. Obama may lose, or her may win – it’s too early to tell. Certainly he’s not doing well as one might hope, and frustratingly so. But with Palin yet to do an interview (or spontaneously combust), the debates not having started, and any number of “October surprises” yet to come, I believe reports of Obama’s death are greatly exaggerated at this point.

  7. Dan Staley

    I’m reminded (again) of the Adlai Stevenson story when he was running for President:

    A supporter once called out, “Governor Stevenson, all thinking people are for you!” And Adlai Stevenson answered, “That’s not enough. I need a majority.”

    Lookit all the reasons why people are finding excuses not to vote for him – not just his color or that he’s Muslim and went to school in a madrasa and that he wants to kill babies. That’s right: the reptilian brain is being stimulated by Rove&Co and the stimulation wants to be received by at least half the population that needs to respond to these stimuli. Yes, needs.

    Let us emit positive karma into the multiverse that the Dems are playing rope-a-dope and have a counter to this situation. Yes, the Dem platform appeals to smart people and other-regarding people. Is it enough? They need to appeal to reg’lur folk in flyover country, not just folks on the coasts. Are they making this appeal to them?

    That is why the drill, baby drill works so well – the Repubs know how to appeal to these folks every four years (and make them distracted so that reg’lur folk cannot tell the Repubs are ignoring them the rest of the time).

  8. dan bertolet

    Joshua did you ghost write this for the NYT?

    BTW, I called it for McCain back in February:

  9. James

    Hey, give me a party that cares about the environment without dragging in all that other baggage and I’m all over it. But we’re stuck with two parties with horrible extremes. (On the other hand, we’ll never end our dependency on oil until we use it all up.)

  10. andry

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