Hurry Up And Wait

Hugeass we have a problem. I think. If you have been experiencing significant delays connecting to this blog lately, please leave a comment. And likewise if everything seems to be normal. And if it’s so bad you can’t wait for the comment page to load, if you would be so kind as to send an email to it would be greatly appreciated.

Oh, what a joy it is to troubleshoot the interwebs. Can anyone recommend a web host that provides good support for WordPress (i.e. that offers a painless way to move my blog and upgrade it)? Gracias.

7 Responses to “Hurry Up And Wait”

  1. Andrew

    Seattle Transit Blog is over at 1 and 1, which is dirt cheap and pretty easy.

    Another popular transit site I know is over at dream host, which is also supposedly “green”

  2. Dan Staley

    Your pages take a long time to load, Dan’l.

  3. Spencer

    I’m having loading problems when connecting to the index page. Once there things seem fine.

  4. Dan Staley

    After commenting here twice today, comically enough I got a 500 Internal Server Error.

    I think of this message often when I contemplate the comical campaign McSame is running for President…

  5. Matt the Engineer

    I tried to comment yesterday, but it listed a SQL server query back at me and never posted.

    In the past few weeks, your site would rarely load. It seems quick and functional today.

  6. Tri Nguyen

    Which host are you using now?

  7. tres_arboles

    Back to quick, today. Last week it was too slow. Thus, a whole bunch of new posts to catch up on today! Keep up the good work, Dan.


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