1900 1st Ave Eye Candy


What may someday rise from the surface parking lot on the northeast corner of 1st and Stewart: 11 stories, 100 hotel rooms, 75 apartments, 5000 sf of street-level retail, 325 parking stalls on four underground levels; designed by OSKA, developed by Touchstone.

It’s inspiring.  But can it be financed?  I have no clue, but they’re going in for design review on October 28 (warning:  89 MB pdf).

8 Responses to “1900 1st Ave Eye Candy”

  1. LisaB

    Automated parking? Interesting indeed.

  2. Matt the Engineer

    It’s small for the location, but it’s pretty.

  3. AJ

    I love the Austin-sized parking inventory.

  4. Joe G

    This building is sexy. At least on paper. I live right next to that location and have been wondering what the proposal was to look like ever since they put the land use signs on the light posts a year ago. Hopefully this will get up quick on such a great corner of the city. This will really change the feel of the neighborhood.

  5. Sabina Pade

    Exciting elevations. Hopefully the plans and the finishes are of similar quality. Could be a real winner.

  6. Wooty

    Wouldn’t automated parking be a huge energy waster?
    And the design…ala Bart Simpson “aye carumba!”. Another boring box. Oh wait, they shifted it somewhat. Give me a break – it LOOKS cheap. It reminds me of how everyone was fooled when the “sexy” renderings of the downtown library came out. Come on folks, you’re smarter than this…

  7. L

    it’s a lot more SAM than SPL: a rehashed Allied Works/Kloepfil, no? Bitchin’ night rendering–that’s what I am talking about!

  8. dan cortland

    What a comfort that we’re the city that doesn’t approve of skybridges.

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