Design Review Revue

Housing development in Seattle may be in a slump, but there projects are still moving through Design Review. A sampling of the latest:

Angel Square at 401 East Pike (Pike and Bellevue) on Capitol Hill. 51 residential units, 2 live-work, 2635 sf retail, 59 underground parking stalls, designed by Nicholson Kovalchick Architects. The facade has some of the same flavor as 2203 East Union.


3501 Rainier Ave S, just north of the Taco Bus site. 20 live-work units designed by Pb Elemental. Will be a good testing ground for the live-work concept.


Stone Way Village, at 3920 Stone Way N. (Safeway site) in Wallingford. 143 residential units, 7 live-work, 17,190 sf retail, 189 underground parking stalls, designed by Baylis Architects, developed by Prescott. This is one long building, and the designers have attempted to break up the facade.


Brooklyn Court at 6515 Brooklyn Ave NE in the Roosevelt neighborhood. 54 residential units, 4 live-work, ~5000 sf retail, 69 structure parking stalls. Looks pretty generic, but dig that crazy blue sky.


Leilani Square at 10201 Greenwood Ave N (Leilani Lanes site). 301 apartments, 3(?) live-work, 7500 sf retail, 601 underground parking stalls, 40,000 sf of below-grade mini storage.  Perhaps it’s in a generic contest with Brooklyn Court.

Icon Interbay at 2810 15th Ave W, with 46 residential units, 4,222 sf divided into 4 “commercial units,” 46 parking stalls located on the second floor, designed by Shugart Bates. It’s got a certain “Pb” look to it.


38th and Alaska, at 4550 38th Ave SW , with 200 residential units, 13,700 sf retail/commercial, and 171 underground parking stalls; designed by Baylis Architects and developed by Harbor Properties.


Massing concept for Lowe Enterprise–High Point development on the SW corner of Seattle Housing Authority’s High Point Hope VI Project in West Seattle; Mithun is the architect.


815 Pine St, just south of the Paramount theater, another tower to keep Olive8 and the Olivian company. It’s a 440 foot tall tower with 330 apartments, 5000 sf of street-level retail, and 300 parking stalls both above and below grade; designed by Bumgardner and developed by Security Properties.

15 Responses to “Design Review Revue”

  1. joshuadf

    I think Stone Way Village was a QFC site.

    The nice thing about Brooklyn Court is that it’s better than Hugh Sisley’s crack houses currently on the site, and next door to the future Roosevelt Station.

  2. AJ

    815 Pine seems a little Gold Coast-y. I like it. The Vancouver emulation never took hold up here, thankfully.

  3. dan cortland

    The Brooklyn Court pic amusingly has a large tree on the edge: perhaps the 90-ft cedar that’s being cut down as part of the smart growth?

  4. JoshMahar

    Aren’t the crack houses on the next block, off 15th around Rising Sun?

  5. joshuadf

    You may be correct. Sisley owns a lot of property in Roosevelt, though, and they just demo’d a boarded up house on the Brooklyn Court block. That article is very confusing, it sounds like there was no public comment at the review meeting. If the tree is really on the corner surely it could be retained without too much trouble.

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