What a Difference a Year Makes

Hugeasscity is one year old today. And everything I said in the first post is still so true.


  • Total posts = 330. Total comments = 1965.
  • Over the six months since I started counting in May 2008: 41,597 unique site visits.

5 Responses to “What a Difference a Year Makes”

  1. John Jensen

    Great blog!

  2. Adam P

    Happy Birthday! This is my favorite blog, period! Keep it up.

  3. joshuadf

    Happy Birthday, hugeasscity! Thank you for keeping with it, Dan, especially through this fun and crazy year.

  4. SeattleArchitect

    Dan – Happy birthday to HAC – hands down, the best urban design blog in Seattle. No doubt these things take a lot of energy … thanks for making us think, and for challenging us all to do better design. You Rock!

  5. Two Years Old | hugeasscity

    […] name that’s embarrassing to say in polite company—whatever that is—it only took two years of blogging—whatever that is—for me to go from being a complete loser nobody, to being […]

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