Sorry. There is now a hugeasscity facebook group.  It’s all my fault.

How many of our anonymously nicknamed commenters will be willing to give up their anonymity?

Oh, and one more thing:  Is facebook actually good for people?  Do any of us really need another excuse to spend one more second staring at an electronic display screen?  Is there any lasting value in all the news feed chatter?  To what degree can virtual social networks substitute for our inborn need to be social with real, live, present people?

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  1. joshuadf

    I’ve actually found that online tools like Facebook and Twitter augment, rather than substitute for, my real-life interactions with friends and relatives. I might see these people at best once or twice a week in real life, but now I can keep up on their crackpot views on urban planning in near realtime!

  2. tres_arboles

    Interesting timing with questions you ask about Facebook membership as I only really started considering joining this month. Got so many other things going on and being in my 40’s, I figure to be old for that stuff. Unlike Joshua, I do believe I’ll never twitter. Maybe it’s old-fashioned humility, but I just don’t think anyone would be interested and it would keep my from my work. Like your blog is right now!





  3. Dan Staley

    Does this mean I have to sign up for Facebook to be part of a Faceass group? Meh.

  4. Zelbinian

    That hardly qualifies as one thing :p

  5. meat

    I must agree with joshuadf. I find them a supplement, allowing me to divide my time between social interaction, life fulfilling tasks and other more mundane bits of my day without losing track of what people are up to. So many people, moving so fast… perhaps that’s the real issue…

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