Time To Get Serious?

Mystery commenter Max says people would take this blog more seriously if I didn’t act like it was a joke 3/4 of the time.  Could be true.  Many friends advised me against going with the name hugeasscity, but I made a marketing decision.  After all, Horse’s Ass started out as a joke, but that didn’t stop it from becoming the most heavily trafficked political blog in Washington State.

And so even though I derive undue pleasure from the thought of serious policy makers articulating the word “hugeasscity” amongst themselves, say hello to the Seattle Planning Blog!  

Not that I’d be so presumptuous to think anyone out there takes this blog seriously enough to have an opinion on this, but in all seriousness, I be interested to hear any seriously deep intellectual ponderings you readers may have on whether or not choosing hugeasscity as a name and throwing in a dumbass post title now and then is a serious detriment to the dissemination of serious content for serious people.

37 Responses to “Time To Get Serious?”

  1. Uncle Vinny

    Oh hell no. Are you out of your mind? If you’re going to be tame, at least be memorable.

  2. Jesse

    I love the name hugeasscity. It implies that you think the city has faults in its planning, that it’s too big/sprawled. More than anything, it’s a memorable name.

  3. john

    Isn’t that the whole point, that you (and us, thanks to you) have been pondering the hugeassness gripping our beloved city? Keep the chutzpah, bro. Last I checked, “hugeass” is a value-neutral description.

  4. Adam P

    Seattle planning blog sounds so sterile and blah. Keep it hugeasscity. People do a double take when I say it but once they read it they can’t stop.

    Regardless of the name the content is what matters.

  5. Justus

    What are you trying to accomplish Dan? Do you want to write a serious and interesting blog about planning & development in Seattle? Or do you want to be ‘taken seriously’, you know, testify in front of the legislature as a planning expert or something? (not to imply both of those things couldn’t happen…)

    I say keep the name and the attitude. I take these things seriously, and I think you do too. If people need that seriousness telegraphed to them, there are blogs out there for them too… keep it a conversation, not a lecture.

  6. Jeff

    Please keep the name hugeasscity. I think it perfectly captures Seattles continuing aspirations to be something a little more metropolitan than it is. (which is exactly why I love the place) Sure your awesome extruded tower icon makes me laugh every time I see it, but If anything the sense of humor is what keeps me reading!

  7. Brice

    If you called it Seattle Planning Blog you might as well just change it to “zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz”

    Wonks have there place (Sightline anyone?) but these things need to be fun once in a while. keep it up, you hugeassblogger.

  8. NickBob

    We live in an era when the best TV news is fake, and you decide there’s value in being serious? C’mon! hugeasscity is a much better brand. Stick with it.

  9. michael mcginn

    We have a serious name, and we got nothing on you. This blog is provocative, opinionated, humorous, passionate and insightful. HugeAssCity fits perfectly.

    If people want to be serious, pronounce it you-jas-ity. That almost sounds like an adjective. Meaning provocative, opinionated, humorous, passionate and insightful.

  10. jelky

    listen to all these people, they’re right

  11. The Overhead Wire

    Did it stop Barack Obama that his name was different than all the other candidates? It’s not about what you’re called, its the content!

  12. Emily

    Here’s another vote for hugeasscity being a great name :D

  13. Cow

    Eh. Just look at Slog or many other interesting blogs; the combination of the flippant and the serious keeps it interesting, fresh, and worth reading. If I want serious and smarmy all the time, I’ll listen to NPR. I don’t.

    Also, the name ‘hugeasscity’ is probably what got me started reading this in the first place, way back when; I didn’t know at first that it was Seattle-specific, but it’s awesome nonetheless.

  14. Andrew

    Hey, are you making fun of my blog?
    (Seattle Transit Blog)

  15. joe


    keep the name, besides, how seriously do you/we want to take this website? nice to see a lighthearted take on a topic which many find so dry.

  16. Sabina Pade

    I like the name Hugeasscity.

  17. PensiveCyclist

    Hugeasscity says it all; as the marketing types say, it’s sticky.

    “Seattle planning blog” is like that last minute title you slapped on your first essay in middle school, 30 seconds before the teacher collected your paper.

  18. dang

    If mystery Max’s “observation” were even close to 3/4 right 3/4 of the time, I would still say keep on. Changing this blog’s name to something dry and unimaginative to placate some anonymous nitwit’s objection seems overdone. Changing or editing its content would be a travesty.

  19. James

    Ok, on one hand, I can say to my wife “Look what SPB posted” when my kids are around. On the other hand, she’s going to say “Um, what? STP? STD?” (On the other other hand, I have no problems calling her off to read what your colleague over at “Cheap Shhh Condos” has just posted.)

    Hopefully this is part of the 3/4 where you are joking around.

    Otherwise, might I suggest “Emerald City Mess” or “Seattle Unplanned”? (Of course, if this were Portland, you could go with Max Planning Confusion.)

    No matter what, don’t change the RSS feed. I’m lazy.

  20. Ryan

    I think this is Dan just having a little fun with us…exercising his dark, tongue and cheek humor. Which BTW is part of the reason why I really like this blog. But in case you are not joking Dan, I think you need to seriously reconsider this decision.

  21. joshuadf

    Oh oh yes! yes! yes! More! More! More “Seattle Planning” please! Please post extremely large PDFs of current zoning in 3-blocks-per-page (image overlays and not image exports please), link to slow servers with permit information, and call it a blog but don’t have RSS or even hyperlinks. This will make my life so much more fulfilling than even “weeasssuburb” did.

  22. Joshua

    I was looking over old emails the other day and found one in which I urged Dan to not use the name hugeasscity. I’d like to publicly acknowledge that as a hugeassmistake and urge you, Dan, to not change the hugeassname.

  23. Joeg

    Do not change the “hugeasscity” for things may never be the same.

  24. dave

    don’t need to fix what ain’t broken

  25. Renee

    Please change nothing. Well, a little more sarcasm would be nice. And, maybe some more photos. And, song lyrics. Definitely more song lyrics.

  26. Seth G

    Never change the name, it lends to too many funny situations during normally formal times. I once had a professor misremember the name in class as Big Ass City, which a classmate then searched for. The, um, non-planning related result was one of the high-points of grad-school.

    Also, seriousness comes from honesty, which this blog has in spades.

  27. jcdk

    The only way I’m going to get friends to come to this blog is if it is called Hugeasscity.

    Seattle Transit Blog should change their name to Hugeasshighways until you change yours back.

  28. Dan Staley

    Its your friggin blog. Do what you want. If you want to write policy stuff, start a new blog with a bureaucratic, boring, white*ssperson-sounding name or name it like Blackwater did, or all those companies did in the ’90s with bland names that began with ‘A’ (Aventis etc).

    And maybe an urban song captioned like The Editors do.

  29. harry

    As long as you are quoting michael johnson, we are going to take you seriously, no matter you call the blog.

  30. JR


  31. quinton richard harris

    boo Seattle Design Blog
    yay hugeasscity

  32. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    After reading these comments, I think you should seriously consider the name “gullibleassreaders”.

  33. James

    @27 “Seattle Transit Blog should change their name to Hugeasshighways until you change yours back.”


  34. Wes Kirkman

    (in response to DB’s pointing out I’m one of the wimpy anons, I’ve rectified the situation. thanks DB. way to ruin my anonymity)

    What about Suxasshiways? Noiseasshiways? Hiwaysnoisesuxass?

  35. dan bertolet

    See @20.

    Pardon my narcissism.

  36. Ellery

    Cagey Thus Is? I guess that makes more sense than “Easy Cut, Sigh” or “I Guess Cathy.”
    Still like the old one best.

  37. dan bertolet

    Ellery wins a cookie!

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