We Will Get What We Deserve

As you may have heard, the transit-oriented communities bill is dead.  All I can say is that if, given all we know about climate change, we can’t manage to pass a relatively mild bill like HB1490, then the prospects for my kids’ future are so grim that I expect I’ll soon be seeking a sympathetic doctor willing to write me a lifetime prescription for designer anti-depressants.

No blaming John Fox for this one.  We’re failing as a society — all of us, together — to take responsibility and respond with courage and vision to the greatest environmental threat the human species has ever faced.  It’s surreal to write those words, and even though I’ve written them I’m still in partial denial.

But the denial busters keep coming:

Acidifying oceans caused by rising carbon dioxide levels are cutting the shell weights of tiny marine animals in a process that could accelerate global warming, a scientist said on Monday.

Do the politicians understand just how difficult it could be? Just how devastating 4, 5, 6 degrees centigrade would be? I think not yet. 

We will get what we deserve.