How We Live Now

Yesterday I learned from Facebook that our next Mayor* was attending the grand reopening of the Crocodile Cafe.  That in itself is densely layered with cultural implications, but all I want to say is this:  the Croc had a great run, and it should have been laid to rest.  The space is a great site for a music venue, but let it become something new, a place that creates its own legends in its own time.  Instead, it’s like Kansas touring again.  Or the corporate blues bars in Memphis.  I heard they’re going to offer a package Copper River salmon dinner with admission to the Grunge Museum.

*that would be Peter Steinbrueck


UPDATE 2:  *nope, that would be Michael McGinn

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  1. WB

    Dan – you are so wrong about this, it makes my grunge loving cerebellum seethe with disappointment. I, for one, don’t care what they call it: it’s still the best place to not only play music in Seattle, but experience it.

  2. Gary

    You know what is really wrong with this picture? In one of Seattle’s most walkable and bike-friendly neighborhoods, the sidewalks are skinny as hell (look how little space there is between that tree and the building—five feet tops?) and there is nowhere but a tree to park a bike.

  3. The Truth

    Ah, it seems you have some false information.

    #1 The Croc is and always will be a great place to see live music in Seattle. We need as many small music venues as possible. It has definitely become something new, check it out.

    #2 Our next mayor will be Dan Savage. I don’t think he went to the show last night.

  4. holz

    gary, that could be changed if the streets became pedestrian only.

    it would be great to have a pedestrian only corridor between pike and pine from 12th on down to the market.

    everyone rocking boots for the last day of winter?

  5. max

    Peter Steinbrueck won’t even run for mayor. He’s a pussy.

  6. max jacobowitz

    Why do you love Obama but hate nickels? Who is more for the environment?

    Or just change your name again instead of changing the way you blog. No one would want to read a blog with well-reasoned posts.

  7. Spencer


    I, too, have to disagree with you on this one. Like housing, even the Croc has to evolve. It’s great to see another music venue (re)open. In fact it reminds me of…what happened with…(nu)Moes…a great improvement leading to better music. Hopefully the new Croc will get people to shake it unlike the old Croc with its head nodding.

    Anyone get in to see the new space? I hear they opened up the stage area and added a mezzanine.


  8. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    Even if you mostly agree with Nickels’ policies you’ve got to notice he has a wonderful way of alienating people.

  9. eh

    first, Dan Savage is a fucking wackjob and shouldn’t even be fit to run that washed up slog that used to be a magazine. If you are straight person seeking advice from a fag, you got a couple more issues to work out.

    back on track, the croc is nice but they should have changed the name. The old croc had good shows but now it seems like gazing-at-your-shoes is the norm. $18 for a ticket? WTF?

  10. JesseJB

    Lets get this straight. So it should have closed and turned into an empty storefront like the rest of the retail spaces on that street?

  11. Matt from Denver

    Either this post was updated or a lot of people aren’t reading it through. He said it shouldn’t be called the Crocodile. That’s all. Not that there shouldn’t be live music there.

  12. grits

    wtf does dan savage have to do with anything? dan bertolet wrote this.

  13. lkw

    @2 – there are bike racks and fully functional poles, etc. all over that block for locking up bikes. I think the owner of that mountain bike just likes trees.

  14. dan bertolet

    Gentle commenters:

    Like I said, the venue is great. But why hang on to the name? I saw tons of great shows there and even played there myself a few times during the 90s. Life goes on.

    I linked to the Obama facebook page cause I love how the page reads “Position: President of the United States” etc.

    And I was wrong about our next mayor. It will be Mike McGinn, obviously.

  15. Andrew

    @14, I don’t know who our next mayor will be, but he/she will be taking office in 2014. Nickels is going to get re-elected, Mike McGinn has no chance.

  16. WB

    @ dan bertolet: why does it matter if they hang onto the name? are you waxing nostalgic about some memories in your head? it’s okay, dan, you can still keep those memories. I just don’t see the “issue” with keeping the name, other than offending some “good-ol-days” sensibility.

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