Two Thoughts For Earth Day

1.  Worldchanging:

Here are 10 big, difficult, world-changing concepts we can get behind…

10. BUILD NO NEW HIGHWAYS:  It’s time to stop building highways, and stop developing the disconnected, suburban sprawl they support…

2.  Mayoral candidate Michael McGinn:

Today Michael announced his opposition to the Alaskan Way Viaduct replacement plan emerging in the Legislature. “This deal keeps getting worse”, said Michael. “As Mayor, I will not authorize the use of city tax dollars for the tunnel or associated cost overruns.”

(note:  this post was entirely fueled by facebook.  meh.)

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  1. Brice Maryman

    right on, Dan, right on…i encourage readers to check out the YouTube. pretty powerful.

  2. Adam P

    Sorry this is really nitpicky but the city has never agreed to pay for any part of the tunnel or overruns. That is completely up to the state. The city has only agreed to pay for surface and seawall construction.

  3. FriendlyBarista

    Well, it passed. And yes Adam, the city is paying exactly $930 million dollars for its share. See this article:

    Downtown businesses will also pay for any cost overruns.

    This tunnel is a horrific waste of money. Politicians have ignored the public’s vote and decided to build it anyway…

  4. Mike Orr

    “The state House Wednesday night passed a bill, by a 53-43 vote, that directs the state to replace the viaduct with a deep-bore tunnel under First Avenue.”

    Under First Avenue? I thought it was going under the existing viaduct. Is that why they were tying the tunnel and the First Avenue streetcar together, which never made sense.

    Erm, do the First Avenue businesses know their street is going to be torn up for a few years? I’m surprised they haven’t howled in protest. The Second Avenue businesses didn’t want a monorail running in front of them and managed to kill a project that people had voted for repeatedly.

  5. dave

    First Ave won’t be torn up — that’s the whole point of the bored tunnel, which can all be done without messing up the surface (as opposed to a cut-and-cover tunnel, which has much more impact to the surface). This is why the downtown business folks supported the bored tunnel.

    Also, FriendlyBarista, Adam is right — the $930 million isn’t paying for the tunnel, just surface improvements and seawall.

  6. Tony

    For all practical purposes, the city is paying $930 Million for the tunnel.

    In the absence of the tunnel, the state would have paid for the surface streets and seawall. Thus, the decision to build the tunnel resulted in the city having to pay nearly $1 billion that it would not otherwise have to pay. To say that the state is paying for the tunnel is a trick of accounting. Without the tunnel, the city would have $930 million to spend on ANYTHING ELSE, including light rail, parks and green space, historic preservation, education, etc. One dollar spent on anything is a dollar not available for something else. That remains true despite the accounting gymnastics designed to make us think otherwise.

  7. justin

    We simply do not have the money to tunnel or replace it. Tear it down, have more HOV in the city and more transit. call it good.

    It’s crazy that the state is cutting health care and teachers pay but we can blow billions so some people can bypass downtown four blocks from I5. crazy.

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