Your Tax Dollars Hard At Work

Not only do we spend bazillions subsidizing car use, we also have to cover the expense of trying to lower the carnage rates by reminding people to do the simplest of things.  Buckling a seat belt has got to be one of the world’s all time no-brainers.  If we can’t trust people to “click it” based on their own sense of responsibility and judgement, why would we even think of letting them get behind the wheel of a two-ton lethal weapon?

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  1. Keith

    I was wondering what that banner said…

    I’m sure the television ads cost a pretty penny too, despite their, um, quality.

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  3. David in Burien

    Saw this while out enjoying a baseball tournament at Lower Woodland Park this weekend. Most of the grown-ups couldn’t even read it from the ground, so the kids helped out. Left even the progressives among us grumbling about wasted tax $$$. And don’t even get started with how much has been spent on the “digital TV transition” public awareness campaign.

  4. Wes Kirkman

    Wasn’t there a study correlating the initial click-it-or-ticket campaign with increased speeds?

    I’m no libertarian, but why not just let people do what they are going to do if it doesn’t hurt anyone else? Similarly, I love the annual revamp of efforts in this City around Bike-to-work month to get non-helmet wearers to don a skull encasement.

  5. Dan Staley

    In my view, seatbelts are the law, right? Get in an accident and get hurt, and your insurance provider does what it does and decides to not pay for your treatment.

    6 months of stories on the nightly news of people ruined financially by not wearing seatbelts and the “problem” is solved.

  6. David in Burien

    @Wes–Because it does hurt the rest of us when the dolt who doesn’t wear a safety belt gets killed in an accident he might have otherwise walked away from. Response costs (medical, fire, police), medical attention, space/energy/capacity in an emergency room, increased cost of insurance (health and auto) etc. Who do you think pays for that stuff? Not the dead guy. If there weren’t a societal cost for the dumb choices of individuals, I doubt we’d see any of these types fo campaigns.

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  8. Wes Kirkman

    Ya, I’ve heard those arguments, especially in regards to giving cyclists not wearing helmets dirty looks and lectures. Anyone know how much this costs “us”? And why wouldn’t someone’s medical/car insurance pay for it?

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