Get Your Group Blog On

Dan has no idea what type of monster he created if he thought a little Gone Fishin’ post would kill this thing. Oh, no, no, where one head was severed, loads more have sprouted, and this Hydra has all sorts of hugeass plans for this blog.

So here is the deal: Over the next month or two, or however long it takes Dan to get all reinvigorated, you can expect two or three posts per week that are at least somehow remotely related to land use and transportation planning, urban design, greenhouse gas emissions, livability, or whatever the hell else we come up with.

Group blogging. A hugeass orgy.

So who are we? Some of us will post our names and affiliations freely; others will sheepishly hide behind silly monikers. Some of us work for organizations, agencies or companies that stand to profit (or suffer, perhaps) from the things we will post. Some of us are longtime HAC groupies that are pouncing at the chance to take the helm. And some of us are just friends of Dan who love him (and/or this blog) too much to let 18 months of work stall just so he can take a break.

Think you have something post-worthy? Are you a lurking celebrity (yes, all you electeds, I am talking to you)? Hey, we’d love to have you post something too. Just contact The Madame (maddensity @ with your ideas.

We can’t promise to bring Dan’s level of wit and pessimism, but we’ll do our best. Some of us will bring the insight, some will bring the humor, some of us will bring the sex. Some of us will attempt all three.

I, for one, promise a little more estrogen up in this hizzie.

So go meditate, Dan. We’ve got this covered.

12 Responses to “Get Your Group Blog On”

  1. John Jensen

    I’m not sure about this font choice.

  2. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    Start with this:

    And yes, please stick with a sans serif font for web viewing.

  3. James

    Thank you! As a Seattle-born and hopefully future Seattle resident, I enjoy this blog and am glad to know that it will be continued!

  4. Keith

    Alright! Let’s see things get rowdy.

  5. blaster99

    Bring Dan Back!

  6. Matt the Engineer

    Great link [JDF]. Want to keep poor people out of your neighborhood? Try zoning!

    (waits patiently for the funny insightful sex)

  7. dan bertolet

    I am SO on the edge of my seat.

  8. Chris

    The link is awesome! I’m putting it on the wall of my office

  9. slag

    Agreed on the font. More blog now.

  10. Mad. Density

    Dan made the goofy font choice before we took over, but we will look into fixing the matter.
    New content coming soon! Everyone may hold their breath.

  11. Nate


  12. Two Years Old | hugeasscity

    […] And a special big thank you to Madame Density for stepping up. […]

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