A Choice

The easy, safe, reliable, known quantity:

Or the challenging, complicated, unpredictable unknown:

10 Responses to “A Choice”

  1. Daniel Nairn


  2. david

    a building or a flower? huh? come back Dan!

  3. blaster99

    Ok, the posts on this blog are getting more and more ridiculous. Perhaps we should just shut her down until Dan is back from his fishing trip, no?

  4. Keith

    dan has his moments of revery or photo +/- caption too.

    and if you don’t like what’s being posted, why don’t you write something better?

  5. Sivalinga

    Perhaps in haste the comparison is being reflexively made (in the expectation grids of some viewers) between the emergent ‘semantic content’ of one image and the emergent ‘semantic content’ of the other. What if the posting were inviting us to compare the pixel arrays that constitute each image, perhaps as ‘floor plans’ to other as-yet-undetermined ‘real world’ constructions or even processes, in a kindred manner to Duchamp’s playful invention of his own ‘standard stoppages’? I doubt that’s the poster’s intention, either, to be clear… but impatient certainty and snarky armoring are always the enemies of lived and living curiosity, IMHAFO. LOL!

  6. Joshua

    blaster99 – If you’re unhappy with some of the new content, we’d love to feature a post by you at some point. I know it might require a bit more forethought than commenting, but it’s a great way to contribute and keep lively a local blog. You can send it to: maddensity @ hotmail.com. Looking forward to it!

  7. blaster99

    Ok. My first post will be this:

    Ugly Building or Butterfly. YOU DECIDE!


  8. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    If your building and butterfly photos are good, I’d like the post!

    I think it does us good to occasionally think about the incomparable.

  9. seven

    This is not a building.

    This is not a flower.

    This is not a blog.

    This is not a comment.

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