hugeasscity black tie urbanist mixer and free sex advice gala

It’s a highly dubious proposition:  The facebookers already know about this, but I’ve invited the entire HAC universe to meet for drinks and wonky urbanist geek chit-chat, Thursday July 9th, 8pm at the Twilight Exit, 2514 East Cherry Street, in the Central District.  FB invite is here.

Why the Twilight?  It’s three blocks from my house and I’m lazy.  And also because it’s in a very interesting neighborhood that gets a lot of bad press about crime, so I thought it might be fun to drag people out to a part of the city they might not normally be inclined to visit.  Some of y’all may have heard about the outdoor art project in a vacant development site at 23rd and Union, just a few blocks north of the Twilight.

Will anyone show up?  Who knows?  I’m not even sure I want to be there.   If nothing else, an experiment to test the relationship between virtual and real.

4 Responses to “hugeasscity black tie urbanist mixer and free sex advice gala”

  1. DE

    Sounds fun. More notice next time!

  2. Andrew Cencini

    see you there!

  3. Uncle Vinny

    I need all the sex advice I can get, but I’m planning to hit the Capitol Hill artwalk tonight. Next time!

  4. John of Humdinger

    Miller’s for 2 bucks?

    How much for Milwaukee’s Best?

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