Proposed Hugeasscity Institute Worldwide HQ

[ Image courtesy Darick Chamberlin ]

July 29, 2009

An anonymous architect has won hugeasscity’s design competition for a new headquarters complex.¬† The hugeasscity board of directors is currently seeking a development site for the ambitious project rendered above, preferably to be located¬†in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood such as Seattle’s Central District.

13 Responses to “Proposed Hugeasscity Institute Worldwide HQ”

  1. Daniel M. Laenker

    How are you planning to do that magnificent cantilevering effect?

  2. Joe G

    I’m thinking this huge ass building isn’t quite huge ass enough. :)

  3. John of Humdinger

    I hope you’re going to make use of the roof.
    (For parking.)

  4. Keo

    I propose floating it on Lake Washington.

  5. wes kirkman

    Right here

  6. Mark

    Blogger overcome by heat… suffers grand illusions of urbanity and importance…

  7. BrianM

    I’m submitting this to James Howard Kunstler. :)

  8. JPGPolice

  9. R

    Did you think about the children? How will this impact their future? Our city will never again be what it once was. You can’t just change the character of Seattle like that. I’m calling the Hearing Examiner now.

  10. Lance

    I personally welcome our new OMA building style overlords

  11. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    It’s white. Figures.

  12. McMullet

    It looks like it’s squatting down to pinch one off…

  13. Paul Ashraff

    It’s as big as an ego and maybe should float in an ocean of the id. One question, should the concept of real architecture be the solution for virtual architecture?

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