Do You Support The War On Cars?

[ The six semi-finalist candidates:  Bagshaw, Israel, Plants, Forch, Licata, and Bloom. ]

Let it be known that all 15 Seattle City Council candidates who participated in last Tuesday’s Candidate Survivor answered “yes” to the question:  Do you support the war on cars? So whoever wins, one thing we know for sure is that since there are five seats up for grabs,  after the election next Fall there will be a majority in the Seattle City Council working for policy to eliminate cars.  With unicorns.

UPDATE: Doh! Scratch that about the majority. As a commenter noted, only four council spots are open.

10 Responses to “Do You Support The War On Cars?”

  1. Joe G

    Voted yesterday and mailed it off this morning!

  2. SP

    There are actually four seats open this election.

  3. ktstine

    i think there should be a war on these outfits.

  4. chrispy

    Any candidate who panders to the anti-car crowd will never get my vote.

  5. eldan

    Are we eliminating only cars that have unicorns? I thought those were going to be banned in the tunnel anyway due to height/length restrictions.

  6. Kathryn

    I love the high price of gasoline. NOT being cynical. Wish the ‘trade in your junker’ program at least made it for hybrids only.

  7. "War On Cars": A History | Sightline Daily

    [...] to a mayoral candidate forum. Later that summer, in a humorous city council candidate forum, the candidates were asked whether they supported “the war on cars.” (It seems that all of them answered [...]

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