Can’t Hurt

When I took the paper to the cafe across the street the two people working there didn’t know from Mike McGinn.  Will 80,000 copies of his mug shot spewed across the city make a difference?

The Stranger’s endorsement write up is worth a read.  And Publicola’s too.

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  1. Zelbinian

    I love that photo. *keeps fingers crossed*

  2. Joe G

    I’m thinking this will most definitely make a difference! The stranger got obama elected, didn’t it! Wait a minute…..??? lol. Seriously though, this is exposure that even money can’t buy! The blurb is incredible!

  3. ballardiana

    That photo is AMAZING! 80,000 hard print copies and 400,000 readers. Go McGinn!

  4. wes kirkman

    Not sure anymore; I kinda like it when it snows.

  5. andy

    Am I the only lefty who would be sad to see Nickels lose this election? And for McGinn to win, Nickels must lose. As a gay man, I can tell you Nickels has always been a strong supporter of our community. And he did work tirelessly for light rail when it was politically unpopular. And Nickels is President of the United States Conference of Mayors. Throwing him out now reminds me of when Spokane ditched Foley when he was speaker of the U.S. House. I just can’t help but feel McGinn would be an also-ran if not for his opposition to the tunnel. If that viaduct stays up one day longer because he is elected, we all lose.

  6. Good Grief

    I am guessing that if they didn’t know who he is yet, they probably ain’t voting at all (or maybe not even registered).

  7. Ellery

    andy@5 – you are not the only lefty for Nickels. i think he has done a great job on a number of issues, and any shortcomings of his policy achievements say more about the confines of political reality that they do about his will. however, i really want to see McGinn make it past the primary to force a better debate on environmental and sustainability issues than any of the other (far more pro-business) candidates would provide.

  8. Joe G

    As an out and proud gay man of Seattle McGinn MUST be elected mayor. His election will ensure that Seattle will become the most fabulous city of the 21st century. If we are bogged down with years 9 through 12 of boring Nickels all we will have is more drab drab drab PR stunts. And as a young gay man, I can not have that. McGinn is the next mayor of Seattle. You heard it here first folks. :)

  9. alexjonlin

    I am a liberal strongly supporting Nickels. If McGinn is elected, we’ll all get broadband, and not much else, because his other two priorities are adding bus service and making the schools better, even though the city has no control over either.

  10. J David

    Alex @ 9- I don’t think your points are legitimate ones. Does Nickels have control over the state highways? No, but he seems to have had quite a bit of influence in the viaduct/tunnel debate. The city has influence over a lot of transit related infrastruture and so has quite a bit of sway in bus service, or at least COULD have a lot of sway. For schools, no less then Obama’s friggin’ Sec of Education has recommended mayoral control of struggling urban schools. When Norm Rice came into office, he convened an educational summit that led to the schools levy. When it comes down to it, where the mayor places his/her priorities has a lot of influence over how policy gets shaped, even if it’s not directly under mayoral control.

  11. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    You all need to be reading Publicola. McGinn has a great answer to the transit question, from ECB’s PubliQ&A on Aug 2:

    There’s a huge amount of potential local funding. Parking tax revenue is completely flexible. Parking meter revenue goes straight to the general fund. It can be used for anything. You could use a [Local Improvement District, or special tax on property owners in the area that benefits from extra transit] to fund a host of things.

    Publicola also did the same with Nickels who also had some good points such as the Mayors’ Climate Initiative that andy mentioned.

  12. old timer

    That tunnel, if built, will be a drag on Seattle and it’s economy for a generation.
    There is no need for it.
    All my local votes will be cast based on this stupid tunnel.
    Council members as well as mayor.

  13. Zelbinian

    andy @ 5 – “And he did work tirelessly for light rail when it was politically unpopular.”

    You know why it was politically unpopular? WE VOTED AGAINST IT. [/Jon Stewart impression]

  14. David in Burien

    @13 You mean you were against it after you were for it? Because I seem to remember WE voted for it. And then in typical Seattle fashion, the anti’s got a second bite at the apple by overplaying the ‘agency’s got issues’ gambit. Thankfully, they didn’t get their act perfected until the monorail.



  15. Zelbinian

    @ 14

    I just looked up the history and yeah, you’re right, we voted for it in 1996. I didn’t move here until 2002, which was right around when everyone was against it. I should’ve read the history first, my bad.

    On a side note, though, can we stop the whole lambasting people for changing their minds thing? Being able to change one’s opinion based on new information is a *good* thing, and we don’t want to discourage that.

  16. Cook

    @15, changing your mind is a good thing, but we shouldn’t have a process where voters get to decide and change their minds so often. voters are fickle, and public works projects take a while, and often cost more than expected. i change my mind all the time, but don’t think our political process should be reliant on my constant approval. stability has value as well.

  17. Pencil Neck

    Hi everyone,

    I’d like to be more informed on this guy Mcginn. All I can find him commenting on it lightrail and the dang tunnel. Does this guy have positions on anything other than his bike seat? How does he feel about nicklesville? What’s his take on bring basketball back? What’s his record on standing up to strong interest groups?


  18. sir bike a lot

    pencil neck,

    no one really cares. the guy rides a bike to all the meetings, gatherings, etc. and hates the thought of a tunnel. That’s his platform, that’s all he’s got. Don’t vote for this poser.

  19. Paul de Manuel

    Yeah, I’m actually getting bored with Mcginn’s only talking point. This guy’s a sham. There are other aspects to being green than just things colored carbon.

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