I Want to Live

I want to be alive when the Earth reclaims itself
When eager headwaters conspire to rush reservoirs at once
Leaving concrete-strewn playgrounds for spawning salmon.

I want to watch the final neon flicker and fade
In ghost-cities, asphalt graveyards of cars on empty
And long-dry fountain beds, sanctuaries for circling sand.

I want to see the seas undo us, our own undoing
Rising up to flood our tunnels, skylines, beachfront villas
Making new homes for krill and coral colonies.

Come, my friend, and lay with me
On this tree-lined sidewalk
In our compact urban village.
And when a lilac pushes through the cracks
Devouring us with saturated blooms
Glimpse with me at once the strength
Only nature knows, and our end.


[ Thanks to A.A. and JoeG. ]

9 Responses to “I Want to Live”

  1. Paulisn

    Just read James Howard Knutsler’s “World Made by Hand”.

    America’s top cynic’s fictitious novel about a post apocalyptic (and not so far off) future set in a small American town in the Northeast after the collapse of the oil economy. The books worth a read, but its kind of grim. Back to a medieval society. Batshit crazy religious cults. No anesthetic. Wanton death.

    I’m not entirely convinced you really want to be around to watch that process.

  2. NORAD Radd, the Doyen of Semantic Riemannology

    Land sakes!
    You sound like a Jehovah’s Witness for the secular and invisible cyclops god of Carbon Legacy Guilt. Either that or you are doing viral marketing to create groundswell sentiment for the new ‘The Road’ movie, starring Charlize Theron and Viggo Mortensen. In any case, I dearly hope you have no effective actual handle on any of the social control levers of any (even provisional) sections of so-called ‘society’ that any pending humans, future humans, or even post-humans are ever slated to some day maybe somewhat ‘live in’, down the line.

    Maybe there are sly, modernistic ironies interlaced in the poem, like textual prions, which escape my detection. (Apologies in advance if so, I’m reading off of a 22 inch Toshiba monitor.)

    Think of the environmental majesty of salmon, spawning, to a closed-loop, screen-saved infinity, to no other glorious purpose evolutionarily than to simply ‘be’ – citiless, devoid of narratives or memory or music or handicraft, or even hands – thrashing, endlessly pushing against a relentlessly same and sparkling, flouride-free stream, and all of this without even blinking! (The salmon, I mean). Spawn my fine friends, spawn!

    To what end?


    Think meanwhile of the boundless galactic net gain afforded to ‘isness’ and static-state Pseudo-Buddhism, afforded by a run-on colony of safely coral-ensconced KRILL!

    KRILL! The very food of those bluest of angels, the fucking sonofabitch, holier-than-thou, fat-ass whales (They eat krill by the yard. Fucking arrogant cetacean krill-oppressors!)

    Carbon Guilt is the meme dingo which is eating my baby, and yours, and is throwing out the bathwater, to boot.

    PS Remember, nature in the Darwinian sense (and esp. the Dawkinsian Darwinian sense) ‘knows’ nothing, blind watchmaker fans! Personifying Nature, like ‘going against Her’, is part of nature too… as ‘humans’ and ‘human will’ and even ‘carbon sin’ are all subset phenoms locatable still within the larger domain — yes, Virginia –‘nature itself’. You can’t beat the house, even when you are killing the house, even when she’s Mother Earth.

    If you don’t believe me, just go ask Mars. He’ll hip you to the score.

    Besides, those baby spiders in the picture are probably synthetic. Or they are permitted deployment vectors for aerosolized and weaponized nanotech, which won’t be disclosed for 50 more years. You can’t fool me… I’ll see you an Ehrlich or two, for years and years, and I’ll raise you a Holdren.

    Lastly, sand sanctuaries exist in abundance. These are called ‘deserts’. Please make a note of it.

  3. eldan

    I think that might be the finest comment ever left on a blog. Congratulations.

  4. Joeg

    I read your art and close my eyes and see it all. I smile.

  5. BrianK

    Band name of the day: Carbon Guilt

    @3 – Agreed.

  6. the goblin

    What a terrible thought! All those spiders hatching at an uncontrollable rate! Gahds! What’s a super-villain to do?

  7. indigovelvet

    Nice poem. I enjoyed it.

  8. meatmobile

    Thank you for the poem.

    I might make a recommendation – an excellent book by an insightful author: Dwellings by Linda Hogan. Perceptive of the world we currently live in, I found myself realizing that by being part of nature we might be stewards of ourselves, and stewards of our future (babies perhaps) and through this be both selfish and selfless. Idealist, perhaps, but realistic in a sense, as we all can understand that actions have consequences, be them good bad or neutral, and one might want to consider them a bit before acting…

  9. Beryl

    I heard that google would not update pagerank any more.Is it ture?

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