I Want to Live

I want to be alive when the Earth reclaims itself
When eager headwaters conspire to rush reservoirs at once
Leaving concrete-strewn playgrounds for spawning salmon.

I want to watch the final neon flicker and fade
In ghost-cities, asphalt graveyards of cars on empty
And long-dry fountain beds, sanctuaries for circling sand.

I want to see the seas undo us, our own undoing
Rising up to flood our tunnels, skylines, beachfront villas
Making new homes for krill and coral colonies.

Come, my friend, and lay with me
On this tree-lined sidewalk
In our compact urban village.
And when a lilac pushes through the cracks
Devouring us with saturated blooms
Glimpse with me at once the strength
Only nature knows, and our end.


[ Thanks to A.A. and JoeG. ]