Hey you who are reading this: Who are you, and do you vote?

I haven’t voted yet.  And the fact is, my one vote will make no difference to the outcome of the election.  But damn the torpedoes, vote I shall, which will put me in the minority—we’re told to expect something like 35 percent turnout for the August 18 primary election.

Though Google knows everything about all of us, their analytics package won’t give me a demographic profile of hugeasscity readers.  I suspect that on the whole, y’all are more likely to vote than the average Seattleite.  On the other hand, I also suspect that y’all are on the younger end of the age spectrum, what with the potty-mouthed blog name and all.  And supposedly you younguns don’t vote.

To help get a better picture of the ~500 unique visitors who hit this blog every day, a humble request:  Would you be willing to leave a comment with a few key bits of info about yourself (anonymously or not), such as age, gender, race, household size, education level, where you live, what type of housing you live in, commute travel mode, and whether or not you will vote?  C’mon, it will only take a minute.  And if enough people do, methinks it will be quite revealing.

Based on a highly scientific sample of one—me—I’ll jump to the conclusion that many others have not yet voted, and make a few last plugs on this perfect late summer Seattle Sunday evening.   No time for  essays—in short, these are the candidates I believe are most aligned with the hugeasscity worldview.

Mayor = Mike McGinn. Hopefully you’ll vote for him because of his qualifications and beliefs, as I am.   If not, hopefully you’ll consider voting for him because a McGinn/Nichokels runoff would make for the most progressive debate in the general election, or because you’re a fiscal conservative and oppose the deep-bore tunnel, or heck, even because you think he’ll be easier than Mallahan for Nichokels to defeat.  So many reasons.  Do it.

City Council Position No. 4 = Dorsol Plants. My most difficult choice.  But this bit from the Stranger’s endorsement hit me right where I live:

He has dozens of smart ideas, including rewriting neighborhood plans to accommodate more density, especially around light-rail stations…

City Council Position No. 6 = Jesse Israel. Alan Durning’s endorsement captures it for me:

Normally, I’d be voting for [Licata].  But this year, I’ve endorsed Jessie Israel, whose views more closely match my own on transportation and urbanism. Jessie would be an even stronger force for my values on the city council than Nick.  And even if Nick wins the race, I expect a strong challenge from someone who embraces compact growth might pull him in that direction.

City Council Position No. 8 = Mike O’Brien. Summed up well by the endorsements from both Publicola and The Stranger:

O’Brien supports removing parking requirements from housing developments, allowing developers to build small apartments and condos to reduce housing costs…  He believes Seattle must build much more housing within city limits to combat suburban sprawl—to reduce the region’s carbon footprint and bring down housing prices…

King County Executive = Dow Constantine. A great candidate and also our best hope for not getting stuck with closet Republican Ms. KIRO.

121 Responses to “Hey you who are reading this: Who are you, and do you vote?”

  1. breetfu

    29, M, 50K, white, 2, BFA, Captiol Hill, Condo, walk/bus, YES!

  2. dan bertolet

    age 46
    married, 2 kids
    Ph.D, masters
    central district (my house is in that photo)
    single-family house
    bike commute to downtown
    will vote in the primary

  3. Mattereaterlad

    Age 37
    Divorce, 1 kid
    Bachelors, Fine Arts
    Highland Park (South West Seattle)
    House Renter
    Drive to Bellevue, 5 days a week
    Will vote, every time.

  4. alexjonlin

    I’m sixteen so I can’t vote but I volunteer enough on campaigns that hopefully I’ve gotten people to vote!

  5. peterloyd

    * Age 22
    * Male
    * German/Scottish/Welsh/Czech … white.
    * Me and my roommate
    * Bachelors, Fine Arts
    * Thomas St. & Bellevue Ave E., Capitol Hill
    * Apartment
    * I walk everywhere I can, bus if I need to get anywhere across ship canal, below SoDo or east of MLK, or shotgun with friends if they’re going there too.
    * I sent my ballot in today, cribbing answers from the Stranger and Publicola (and here). I had to call and ask why I hadn’t gotten my ballot yet, as they’d sent it to my old address in the CD.

    I voted for:
    Dorsal Plants

  6. Anonymous

    Undergrad at UW
    Live in dorms
    U-District, Rarely need to leave but take the bus when I do
    Vote in every election, sent in ballot for primary

  7. keith

    age 30
    white male
    married + baby
    starting Ph.D. in autumn
    capitol hill
    rent a one bedroom condo
    unemployed but used to bike/walk downtown (will bike/bus to uw in autumn)
    will vote in primary

  8. mark

    gay, have partner
    two rescue mutts I adore
    M.D. (and enthusiastically support healthcare reform)
    live downtown near Harbor Steps
    walk uphill to work
    uber-liberal Democrat
    haven’t missed an election in over 20 years, and proud of it
    will be voting in this election, but for some people you don’t like (e.g. Nickels, Miller, and will be very sad if this election delays in any way the demolition of that viaduct!)

  9. Anonymous

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Household size: 2
    Education Level: Bachelor of Science
    Neighborhood: First Hill
    Housing: Condo Renter
    Commute: Bus
    Voting: mailed it yesterday

  10. Cow

    Age: 27
    Gender: n/a (yeah I’m one of those)
    Race: White
    Household size: just me
    Education: Bachelor’s; applying for the Masters in Urban Studies program for January 2011
    Where I live: Vancouver, BC — but I vote in Seattle (American expat)
    Housing: Condo renter, downtown
    Commute: Walk (2 km); SkyTrain if I’m feeling lazy
    Will I vote: Always

  11. Brice

    new holly
    you name it…light rail, scooter, bike, bus, to downtown
    will ABSOLUTELY vote in the primary. Go McGinn! In fact, Dan, check out my recent FB update about volunteers and graphic design. You’ll like–it has curse words and everything. Just like HAC.

  12. WB

    age 12
    lab, german sheppard mix
    not married, probably many, many offspring
    boarding school, obedience training
    my owner’s back yard, sometimes the couch (when my owner’s not looking)
    single-family house
    mostly on foot
    not allowed to vote

  13. dave

    52, M, white, married, 1 kid still at home (not for long, thank god!), MArch, Ballard, SF home, drive/bike. I’ll vote for McGinn and David Miller for their work on the Park levy, Larry Phillips for his long record of support for environment and transit.

  14. c

    28, f, white, married, no kids, apt in SLU, no car, master’s, always vote

  15. James

    35, married, white, two children, attending a Baptist church but prefers to consider himself as “non-denominational”.

    Commute: solo auto from 1999 that gets 19mpg so missed out on the free money for a newer car that could get 20 or 21mpg. 15 mintes by car or 1/4 mile walk plus 90 minutes by bus.)

    Single family home and employment both in Federal Way.

    So sadly, don’t get to vote with all of the cool kids but hopes to eventually retire in a highrise condo in The City. Well, is one of the possible retirement choices.

    Tends to lean strongly to the right on a lot of matters but doesn’t understand why the conservative movement stops short of conserving something as elemental as the environment. Strongly favor fixed (rail) mass transit, backyard cottage homes and walkability scores (the likes of which are non-existent in Federal Way.) and the public derision fellow site cheapshitcondos heaps on really awful eyesores.

    BA in the ever-so-useful field of “Communications” from a large near-here private university. Tend to vote when he can remember, but dang, y’all have way too many elections up here compared to Los Angeles. Is it supposed to make one feel more empowered or more in control of government? Because it actually just makes this returning transplant think that the powers that be are disorganized.

  16. Uncle Vinny

    XY (quoting Calvin’s mom yelling at his dad: It’s YOUR fault. YOUR stupid chromosome!)
    Snow white
    Me + 2 cats
    M.S., chemistry
    Capitol Hill/Top Pot
    Vanpool to the eastside
    Oh HELL yes, already voted

  17. Mike O'B

    wife and two kids
    BA economics, MBA
    Fremont – SF home
    mostly bike with some transit
    already voted

  18. Steve

    33, white male, married but no kids yet, Bachelor’s degree, live in a DADU in Palo Alto, CA (moved away from Seattle last summer but still follow the issues and hope to move back), mostly get around on a bike, not voting in Seattle b/c it’d be fraudulent given that I’ve been gone a year.

  19. Redman

    House in northgate area w/ parents
    (until i head to college at Evergreen)
    Mostly bike and bus

  20. Drew

    Age: 19
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Household size: 3
    Education Level: UW Undergrad
    Neighborhood: U-District during school, Normandy Park during summer
    Housing: Apt.
    Commute: Bus at U, Car at home
    Voting: havent sent it yet…

  21. Adam Parast

    Age: 24
    Gender: Male
    Race: White, Persian
    Household size: 2
    Education Level: UW Grad
    Neighborhood: Eastlake
    Housing: Apt
    Commute: Bus to downtown, bike to school
    Voting: last week

  22. Jim

    Your readership includes at least one person over 60 who agrees with your ‘take’ on urban issues and loves your writing style: yours is what a blog ought to be. Keep on truckin – oops, bikin.
    Jim Strapko
    Minneapolis, Minnesota

  23. David in Burien

    -47, Boy
    -”I’m not white, I’m jewish”
    -Married, one child
    -BA-Oberlin, JD-USD
    -Gregory Heights/Burien
    -Own SFRs here and on the coast (you would too if you surfed)
    -SOV 95%, vanpool 5% to Olympia; until my boss retires or Thurston County joins ST and Sounder runs to Lacey
    -Voted in this, and every election since 1980.

    I suppose now I’ve subborned my ability to comment pro-urbanist/transit since some here seem to believe I shouldn’t be able to live in a house I own, drive a car (or three), and claim urbanist values. Oh well.

  24. dang

    2 – married sans kids
    BSc, MArch
    north capitol hill
    apartment dweller
    haven’t owned a car in 17 yrs-walk/run/bus (sometimes all three)
    ballot ready, submitting right after i post this…

  25. Dan

    live with my girlfriend/partner
    renters- cap hill apartment
    BA, soon to start on masters
    bike commute, walk, bus
    already voted

  26. Renee

    2 adults, 2 kids
    AB English, masters in taxation, MBA
    SF (960 sq ft)
    transit (we own one car)
    mailed ballot 2 weeks ago

  27. Matt the Engineer

    married w/ baby
    BS mechanical engineering
    Queen Anne
    not employed (sigh)
    I always vote

  28. seven

    Roommates (3)
    BA Political Science
    West Seattle Admiral
    I vote

  29. Troy

    Married no kids
    Bachelor of Science
    South Lake Union
    Commute by bus normally, sometimes drive
    Already voted

  30. Elizabeth

    Single person household
    Belltown / ten years
    Homeowner / condo
    Bus, drive when necessary

  31. Jason

    married with no desire to ever have children
    bs in Lit. with a WA State teaching cert.
    Interbay/East Magnolia
    not employed, but when employed I rock the bus and would bike/walk depending on how far
    I always vote (socially libertarian, fiscally conservative) I am willing to violate my fiscal conservatism and support large scale civic improvements that directly address our impact on the environment.

  32. sahctu

    just me
    own a single-family home
    bus/bike, vanpool, SOV depending on my evening schedule (I work in Everett Transit’s service area, which makes SOV alternatives difficult)
    I always vote and always will. But it’s not nearly so fulfilling now with this mail-in crap. I liked running in to all my neighbors at the polling place.

  33. Chris

    Beacon Hill/single family home
    Used to drive mostly, but now mostly take light rail.
    Already voted

  34. springStreet

    27, M, white, 1, bachelors, downtown, rent a condo, half public transit and half drive, already voted

  35. april

    27, female, single, BA. apt in the central district. bus/train or walk. voted today.

  36. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    age 31
    married w/ 2 kids
    rent a 2bd
    bus to SLU, or bike walk or bus to UW
    voted in the primary
    SSN: 123-45-6789

  37. Lance

    Undergrad in Architecture studies @ UW
    studio apt
    mostly bus
    Yup, I vote!

  38. Bidibo

    Puerto Rican/Ashkenazi
    rent small cottage.
    feet,bike,car commute
    Left Seattle 3 months ago, now in rural NY in a very walkable community. So I won’t be voting. Good luck Seattle!

  39. Sara

    35 / Female / White / Married, 2 kids
    BA Psych, MS Natural Resources Policy
    Greenwood / SF home
    Metro or carpool, never SOV
    Already voted

  40. GW

    Age: 40
    Sex: Male
    Status: Married, two children (12,15)
    Profession: Architect
    Education: Grad school
    Residence: Seward Park / SF home
    Commute: 24/7/365 motorcycle
    Politics: I don’t think there’s a word for what I am
    Voting: I always vote even though I think democracy sucks, and already voted by absentee in this election.

  41. Jake

    28/white/male/married, no kids
    Masters, working on PhD
    West Seattle / Townhome
    bike commute to UW, sometimes bus, only drive to Trader Joes and church
    will vote in the primary

  42. Finishtag

    35 years old, white, 2 people in my family
    Masters of Architecture
    Pike Pine, Loft (rent)
    walk, bus, bike to work downtown
    already voted

  43. Joe G

    24 yo, white, male, one person household
    Starting Seattle Central for an AA this fall
    Downtown, Studio, (rent)
    WALK, bus
    voted the minute i opened my ballot and it looked a lot like your endorsement.

    I also must say that voting will only not make a difference if that is your attitude towards it. You have to vote and it does make a difference.

  44. paulish

    34, cracker, married no kids (but 2 roomates due to shitty economy)
    MA in planning / LA
    SF house in W. Seattle
    Mostly bus/walk, occasional bike/car
    Voted yesterday!

  45. Zelbinian

    K, here it goes:

    Age: 24
    Gender: M
    Race: Caucasian
    Household Size: 1
    Education Level: 2 Bachelor of Science degrees, PhD ambitions
    Income Level: 50k-75k
    Residence: Rent in Roosevelt
    Commute mode: Bike/bus to Redmond
    Vote: Yes, already did. Go McGinn!

  46. ktstine

    domestic partnered
    bachelors in government, masters in planning and public administration
    own sf in gatewood, west seattle
    bike/bus to cap hill, we own one car
    voted last week!

  47. irenem

    Female, 41, Asian, Married, 20 month old daughter, BA, townhome-owner in Ballard, bus/car to work (daughter is in daycare downtown), always votes

  48. Geiser

    3 (Me+ 2 roomies)
    Almost done with MUP and MPA at UW
    Capitol Hill
    Early and Often

  49. J David

    single white male
    single family w/adu
    masters in gentrification, er, urban planning
    Voted Susan Hutchison for EVERY POSITION ON THE BALLOT. Even the bag fee.

  50. Michael

    BA/fine arts in Graphic Design
    17th and Spring st (Squire Park)
    4 unit apartment bldg.
    walk, bus, bike in summer, motorcycle for fun
    voted 08.14

  51. J David

    Forgot to add commute: bike/walk/occasionally auto

  52. CC Boy

    32, male, mixed white/asian
    4 people, master’s degree
    Columbia City SFH, Bus/Carpool/Link
    I voted

  53. Jonathan O

    26, M, white, newly married, BA in Computer Science, 28th NW & NW 56th (Ballard) – Condo Building, Bus and occasional SOV to Westlake Ave N for work.

  54. Jonathan O

    26, M, white, newly married, BA in Computer Science, 28th NW & NW 56th (Ballard) – Condo Building, Bus and occasional SOV to Westlake Ave N for work. Got my votes penned and dropping them off tonight.

  55. Becka

    28 / Female / White
    BA in Computer Science
    Rent a duplex in the University District
    Bus or walking
    Filled out ballot but still need to drop it off

  56. Tim

    Married with a young kid
    BA in Spanish
    Eastlake – House Boat
    Bus, Walk, and occasional SOV
    Voted in early August

  57. Joe

    24, Male, White
    Committed hetero relationship
    BS Civil Engineering + part of MSE in same
    University District, econo-studio

  58. Anonymous

    55, Multiracial (white/Asian), single, Columbia City, BA Economics, MBA, SFH, Voted in early August,
    Transport: auto, walk, bike

  59. Mark

    my dermatologist reminds me how white I am
    married, 2 squirts
    BA English
    Dark after 6 – bike, dark before 6 – Metro, rock the VW occasionally
    voted (mail in is a bummer…)

  60. Simple Guy

    White guy
    45 (trophy wife and 4 kids)
    Architect (dabbling in urban planning and philosophy)
    Small single family house (remodeled cheaply but beautifully, Kids sleep in closet sized room)
    Ride a scooter to work (but have a Voyager for sports)
    Blindly filled out my ballot based on the Stranger so I can still sound cool.

    Observation: Get some diversity on this blog. Only 2 admitted non-white people out of 56!

  61. AJG

    34, female, white
    MBA and MS in enviro science
    Central District – own half of a duplex
    Commute by bicycle
    Voted in early August

  62. Paul Ashraff

    Hey what’s up with supporting Dorsal? If you filter down in the comments a couple of great points were made against this guy.

    “So you think Bloom’s idea of a viaduct retrofit is a “a mind-f#ckingly atrocious idea”, but isn’t the tunnel worse? You endorsed O’Brien, McGinn, and Licata, all of whom want to revisit the tunnel. And then you endorse Plants, Bloom’s opponent, who thinks opposing the tunnel at this time is a bad idea.

    What gives? Oh, right, Dorsol Plants is 24 years old. Which means he’s hip. Old people are so LAME! Plants has some ideas he thought up about human services on the campaign trail, while Bloom has been involved with human services advocacy for 30 years. He’d maybe like to see some affordable rental housing near transit hubs, while Bloom co-founded the displacement coalition. We can trust Plants to be a “reliably progressive vote” more than Bloom, who has been a community activist since before Plants was born.

    The reason we can trust Plants is because he is young and untested. He’s also pretty nice and earnest. Those people last long in politics! They come in with fresh new ideas and become instant game changers! Like his idea that we should all support the tunnel now. And did I mention density? He favors that.”

  63. justus

    * 33
    * M
    * Married/2 cats
    * Apartment renter (3 person hh) – Downtown
    * Scottish (does it get whiter?)
    * “masters in gentrification, er, urban planning” lol… same – emphasis on urban design.
    * 1) walk, 2) bike, 3) bus
    * I always vote (Yes on the DBag Tax!)

  64. Aaron

    Age: 23
    Gender: Male
    Race: Caucasian
    Household size: two (me and my sister)
    education level: double major in political science and linguistics

    live: capitol hill
    housing: condo
    commute: primary – bicycle secondary – bus. NO car

    vote?: always

    mayor = mcginn

  65. Jeff

    40, male, married, white
    Education-Masters in planning
    Own (condo on Capitol Hill)
    Commute by bike
    Already voted

  66. Julie

    8 (5 kids, 2 parents, au pair)
    College BA
    Broadview neighborhood
    Single family house
    telecommute 2 days carpool with husband 3 days
    always vote
    Seattle Contested races= McGinn/Obrien/Bloom/Yes bag fee

  67. Joel

    25, white male
    Married, no kids
    Ph.D student (economics)
    Living in Bay Area (but originally from the eastside)
    Commute by bicycle
    Already voted (I’ve been an absentee since I left at 18)

  68. mikek

    - 55 yr old white male, married, with same partner for over 27 yrs.
    - 2 voting age offspring (one still at home, one at WWU)
    - one old dog, one cat
    - IT professional (BA English, BS Comp Sci)
    - own single family home at Matthews Beach
    - bike commuter, via B-G trail
    - take transit whenever possible to prove to my wife that we can live without a car someday
    - density, transit advocate
    - already voted, and made sure my 2 voting age offspring voted for Dow Constatine, ie against Hutchinson

  69. Sivalinga

    recently unmarried again
    *mAsTeRs* Degree (Marine Anthropology)
    Belltown area/Space Needle penumbra
    - lease, with an option to buy
    (I live in my car)
    enjoy fine wine, used spy novels,
    long walks on Alki
    favorite movie: “Hooper”
    supporter of The Disclosure Project
    into cycling, recycling
    - Blanchett contra Winslet
    - paper, not plastic
    motto: “all cap, no trade”
    already voted last time, thanks though!

  70. John Jensen

    age 24
    bs, computer science
    capitol hill
    single-family house with roommates
    bus/bike commute to lower queen anne
    already voted

  71. Max J

    69 people and not a single one black. Until this one. I bet I’m the only black person who has ever read this site.

    two kids
    Masters in Urban Planning
    Single Family home
    commute by bus
    I have voted, for Nickels, Constantine, O’Brien, Plants, and Israel.

  72. Max J

    Just to show how informed Dan is on Seattle politics, he doesn’t even know the name of the mayor of Seattle for the last 8 years.


    I pray to god no one listens to this guy for whom to vote for.

  73. Andrew Smith

    age 28
    married, one kid
    masters in computer science
    Rainier Valley
    light rail to bus to work in redmond

  74. Kathryn

    54, Female, White
    Single, own 1000 sqft townhouse which is way more than enough space to put up regular visitors
    BA Urban Studies/Housing/Sociology long ago before Urban Planning or CompSci were common majors
    Work in Information Systems
    Central Area 14 years, also here 3 years in the 70s, with 15 years in Wash DC in between, had contracts in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Phoenix, Raleigh, and NYC
    Drive and Bus
    Vote always

  75. Quinton

    A white male aged 26 years, currently residing in a 4 bedroom house in First Hill. Holds a BS in computer science. Rides his bike to his workplace downtown. Votes.

  76. Sarah

    68, female, Caucasian
    1 cat, brown tabby
    Adult daughter and adult son; small grandson
    Single; dismayed Democrat
    Now fulltime unpaid social activist
    Own tiny house on 8,300 sqft lot in Lake City; would like to build add’l dwelling on lot but city demands 5,000 sqft lots in my area
    Have illegal attached accessory dwelling unit which doesn’t meet City requirements (the case with most in the City)
    Tired of hearing about the sacredness of SF; we need low-income units EVERYWHERE (and could start with attached accessory dwelling units if the City would loosen its restrictions)
    And stop with the stupid bag tax already and talk about more important stuff!

  77. kent

    62 male, caucasian, retired
    wife and I, 3 grown kids, one grandchild
    some college
    Independent, problems with both major parties. Need a strong 3rd party option.
    Beltown condo
    walk, bus mostly
    have small rv and we travel a lot
    sent in ballot

  78. Mickymse

    @62, Dorsol doesn’t think that opposing the tunnel is a bad idea. He will happily vote against it if given the opportunity, but has just honestly said that he would not have the power as a first-term council member to stop it.

    Instead, he has pledged to make sure that it does not go forward without a competent financing plan and without ensuring that Seattle residents are not on the hook for cost overruns.

    Incidentally, Bloom supports the elevated rebuild.

  79. Michael

    Age: 22
    Gender: Male
    Race: Filipino
    Education: BA in Humanities and in Fine Arts (Graphic Design)
    Housing: Currently living with 4 sublet-ers completing a lease in Central District house. Will be moving into a townhome more within Capitol Hill confines (with 3 other roomies) at end of the month.
    Travel: Mix of walk and drive.
    Vote: Yes


  80. JBB

    Age: 37
    Gender: Male
    Race: White
    Status: Married, no kids, 1 cat
    Education: BA, Sociology / MA, Geography
    Live: own a townhouse in Capitol Hill
    Work: SoDo
    Commute: mix of car / carpool / bus / walk, depending on weather and after work plans
    Vote: yes on the final, probably on the primary

  81. Andrew Cencini

    age 29 / male / white / married, no kids, 1 cat
    m.s. in computer science / own co-op 1bdrm on cap hill / work from home – rent office space 5 blocks away
    commute by bike, bus, magic carpet

    voted already, would do so again if it were allowed

  82. indigovelvet

    Age: 48
    Gender: Fluid (yeah another one of those)
    Race: Mixed (culture white)
    Status: Divorced
    Education: Highschool, some college
    Live: Rental in Wedgewood
    Work: Unemployed
    Commute: I walk and bus
    Vote: yes (ambivalent about it though)

  83. indigovelvet

    opps forgot to add the two grown kids. One votes the other doesn’t.

  84. RC

    age: 40
    gender: Male
    race: hispanic
    household size: 2 plus a dog & a cat
    education level: MBA
    where you live: Capitol Hill
    what type of housing you live in: condo
    commute travel mode: carpool, vanpool, or bike to Kent
    vote?: dropped in the mail today

  85. heidi

    34-32-42 I wanted to shink my huge ass and stumbled here, now I love density and always vote

  86. anonymous

    age: 27
    gender: female
    race: mixed
    household size: 2
    education level: B.S.
    where you live: Greenlake
    what type of housing you live in: apartment
    commute travel mode: bus (Never owned a motor vehicle.) whether or not you will vote: finished up yesterday, dropping it off tonight.

  87. ktstine

    max raises a good point! dan, will you (or some fabulous reader) compile the stats here? that would be awesome…but let’s make sure we differentiate between race and ethnicity in it – not the same thing.

  88. Christopher Stefan

    age: 41
    gender: Male
    race: White
    household size: Single, one housemate
    where you live: Maple Leaf
    what type of housing you live in: Single family rental
    commute travel mode: walk+bus or bike+bus, carfree.
    vote?: Yes
    Yes on bag tax

  89. Morgan

    40 year old white male
    married with 1 kid and a dog,
    masters of architecture
    ballard homeowner
    commute by bike and bus
    1 car family and happy with that
    put the primary ballot in the mail today, always do.

  90. CDS

    50yo MWF, 7yo son
    Multiple cat household
    Central District, SF homeowner
    BA, looking for work
    2 car fam, some walk, but bike and bus are just for fun
    Wonder how means of transport correlates with neighborhood
    Always vote
    Dist 5 school board race important to us
    Voted for Helmstetter and pulling for Mas in the 7th

  91. ln

    age: 44
    gender: female
    race: very, very pale
    household size: 5 (two of us plus 3 housemates)
    education level: BA, finishing MA
    where you live: Beacon Hill
    what type of housing you live in: House
    commute travel mode: I don’t have a daily commute; I work from home except for one night a week. Normally I drive for that one trip, but lately I have been doing light rail + walk.
    whether or not you will vote: Did this evening.

  92. crap bag

    pregnant wife and two cats
    capitol hill condo owner
    drive to work (but don’t need to)
    uw english major working in concert biz
    will vote mcginn/constantine

  93. Paul Ashraff

    micky mouse,

    “Dorsol doesn’t think that opposing the tunnel is a bad idea. He will happily vote against it if given the opportunity” — but will he? What’s the point of saying these things during the election? I’d rather know about what he can and will do?

    “but has just honestly said that he would not have the power as a first-term council member to stop it.” — this is a total cop out. What’s the point of running then if he will be able to scape goat himself as weekended because he’s “first term.” I wonder if Sally Clark felt she was limited by being first term?

    “Instead, he has pledged to make sure that it does not go forward without a competent financing plan and without ensuring that Seattle residents are not on the hook for cost overruns.” — Compared to what other current council member or candidate? Do you really think Bloom or anyone else wants the tunnel to go over budget?

    “Incidentally, Bloom supports the elevated rebuild.” — I understand that. The Viaduct is kind of a non-issue. There are just as many issues that are of equal importance to many other people. What Bloom brings to the job is a track record of doing the things that Dorsal only can talk about as his ideas. The comment in the stranger points out that what they said was only that Dorsol’s youth is an asset. That’s not a sound platform in my mind. It’s not experience in collaboratively working with diverse groups of people to change lives for the better. I’m only pointing that out to Dan…like he asked.

    By the way, my name is Paul, not 62 (or what ever post# is subscribed to my posts). I don’t understand why we can’t respect that in our blog posts.

  94. R

    Age: 28
    Gender: Female
    Race: White
    Household size: 2, married
    Education Level: Masters
    Neighborhood: Capitol Hill
    Housing: Own, Condo
    Commute: to Bellevue – Vanpool usually, Bus sometimes, Drive Rarely (1 car household)
    Voting: Always. Usually within few days of ballot arrival.

  95. m

    age: 28
    sex: female
    race: white
    household size: 2
    education level: M.A.
    where you live: Central District, Seattle
    what type of housing you live in: rental
    commute travel mode: bike, walk, or bus to ferry
    voting: YES!

  96. anon

    Gender Identity: female
    race: white
    household: single
    education: BA
    location: Capitol Hill
    housing: rent
    commute: walk
    vote: YES!

  97. publicadministor

    black & beautful baby!
    married, no kids
    West Seattle
    owner SFR
    bus 70%/bike 30%
    voted Nickels, Dow, Licata, Plants, O’Brien

  98. wes kirkman

    Gender: male
    race: white
    household: wife and i
    education: MUP
    location: CD/Squire Park/12th ave/whatever they call it, but mostly a Capitol Hill clinger on-er
    housing: own
    commute: walk, bike, or bus
    vote: yes

  99. wes kirkman

    err, condo ownership that is

  100. another

    live with boyfriend
    rent Capitol Hill apartment
    bus and bike (no car)
    vote always

    Consult for WSDOT so conflict between employment and transit oriented lifestyle :)

  101. shaney

    age 4
    married, 0 kids
    single-family house (700 sf)
    drive to eastlake daily

  102. shaney

    age 34
    married, 0 kids
    single-family house (700 sf)
    drive to eastlake daily

  103. anonymous

    Capitol Hill
    rent apartment

  104. Craig

    Married, 1 kid
    B.A., M.P.A
    Rent single family house (800 SF)
    Bike and occasionally bus
    Voted – Go McGinn!

  105. Brian

    Married no kids
    BA – Business
    San Francisco (used to live in Seattle)
    Rent – 10 unit Apartment (owned a condo while in Seattle)
    walk, bus, zipcar, taxi and airplanes
    Vote in major elections – typically Republican

  106. jelky

    Age: 35
    Gender: Male
    Race: white
    single, live w/ roommate
    Education: BA UW
    Housing: house on phinney
    Travel: bus # 358
    Vote: last week

  107. anon

    Partnered but unmarried (due to a philosophical disagreement with state involvement in adult relationships) w/ 3 kids;
    BA, CompSci;
    Apartment in West Seattle;
    Work from home, bike (1 hr. transit time), bus (1 hr. 20 minutes ), car (25 minutes);
    Voted last week;

  108. Cook

    sf house
    no job currently, but walk and bus (no car)
    voted a few days ago

  109. Shane

    WHITE & Native American
    BS, JD (unfortunately, barely using it right now)
    Madrona, Single family
    Drive my big as truck (with homemade biodiesel) to work full of carpentry tools, will bike whenever I get a chance to use the JD. Bike errands, walk elsewhere and hitch my pooch outside.

  110. Christine

    24 yr old white female with bachelor’s degree, living in a U district apartment with boyfriend. We don’t own a car. I bike to work, or take the bus when not biking.
    We voted, but without me I’m sure he would have forgotten :)

  111. Tom

    * 48
    * male
    * white
    * single
    * BA
    * Capitol Hill condo
    * unemployed, so no current commute – but walked or bused to my last job
    * voted the week after I received the ballot

  112. Jinx

    pike/pine condo 10+ years
    walk to work (car for weekends)
    every election that doesn’t require a party affiliation

  113. DH

    single, live alone
    BA, JD
    Capitol Hill
    walk / bus (no car)
    voted a while ago!

  114. spencer


    I’m a caucasian, prosperous, raise middle class male working hard not to be that stereotype.

    I’m in the 35-40 years old bracket.

    I am married with no kids living on the fringes of Mt. Baker in a SF house that might be smaller than most Capital Hill apartments while being better insulated and better looking. I am designing an ADU for our house and will build it in a year or two for section 8 housing.

    I build things for a living: homes, cabinetry, fences, follies and art.

    I take all forms of transportation depending on the situation. Most often I take mass transportation when I am out using our city’s entertainment resources. I rely most on my bicycle when I don’t have to travel with tools.

    I procrastinated my voting because I had no idea when the due date was and at the last minute processed my ballot incorrectly which will void it. So I did not vote. Fortunately I will get another chance in November.

  115. Keo

    2, including girlfriend
    Wallingford, moving to Belltown
    Moving from rental house to lofted studio apartment
    No job to commute to at the moment, but I rode my bike to work and school for the last 3 years and before that I bussed
    I voted for Nickels, Dow, Israel, Bagshaw, O’Brien

  116. Morgan

    BS Conservation
    Renter on N Capital Hill
    Bike or walk to work

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