Thanks for the Heads Up!

(aside from a reprimand from dan bertolet, this is the other notice I received yesterday)

I wonder how much this pre-planning is gonna cost us?


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  1. chrispy

    Is this just more anti-tunnel blathering, or am I missing something? If it is, then let’s imagine how much “pre-planning” would be needed to knock down a 60-year old double-decker concrete freeway running through a metro area.

    Another point… there’s this thing called the seawall… Ah never mind. I’ll just go back to making window deliveries with my mountain bike; because I live in Seattle, I obviously have no reason to have a car. And having one, according to this website, makes me and people like me evil and selfish.


  2. Doodledee

    chrispy, looks just like a notice to me. As you stated, you must be missing something – like more than a few brain cells.

  3. Zelbinian

    Chrispy – First of all, anti-tunnel is not blathering. It’s good science, good analysis, and good process.

    Also, the tunnel has no exits downtown. It’s useless for 60% of all current Viaduct traffic. And it’ll actually generate new car trips that’ve never happened before. In other words, it’ll create more congestion than it relieves.

  4. springStreet

    I received that in the mail, too! Funny how things are moving forward… or whatever.

    Made me wonder, how much of the tunnel funding is really about the gov’t programs to mail these kinds of notices?

    I figure there must have been at least 4-5 highly paid government employees who helped send out this single mailing!

  5. Quantumboy

    What the eff Springstreet. As a city worker I am insulted that you think all my (and co-worker’s) hard work is pushing paper for your privileged eyes to read. Everything you take for granted so you can live comfortably is done by us. Without police you would be robbed and probably murdered 10 times a day. Without our sanitation workers you would drink shtt out of you water glass. Without the fire department you home would have burned down even before you moved in. We do a hard job, sorry it’s not to your liking. Get a clue jack or run for mayor and mold the city the way your brilliant mind sees fit.

  6. Joe G

    I think its great that these notices are sent out. What is most hysterical is that these warning notices are sent out for months and months and months, or in some cases for years and then everyone is so confused when suddenly Stewart street or Second ave is all torn up.

  7. wes kirkman

    Is chrispy’s comment more pro-car infrastructure blathering?

    “My business requires a car and can’t possibly be operated in another fashion” (such as combining deliveries with other goods and companies to reduce congestion);

    “and everyone else driving on the road has similar reasons” (as opposed to just assuming there is no other option because the City or someone has not provided them one…or just not thinking about transportation choices at all).

    “So stop trying to tell me what to do, nanny-state seattle. I do what I want; this is ‘merica. We send soldiers” (18 year olds from lower class families) “into war to protect this god given right” (to do what we want and not think about the consequences or better ways of achieving the same end).


  8. dave

    I still don’t get the post. It’s just a notice that they’re starting to work on the tunnel. Big whoop.

  9. Christopher Stefan

    Yes, but funding for the entire project isn’t in place, engineering isn’t even near the point where it would need to be for a full evaluation of risks and costs. Not to mention there is no SEIS on this alternative.
    Seems a little premature to start work on the tunnel if you don’t know if there will be a tunnel. Besides without a SEIS going past a certain point with the “prep-work” actually violates NEPA and SEPA.

  10. spencer

    Christopher and Dave,
    By starting the tunnel it ensures that it will be the solution to the viaduct replacement. The timing is pretty transparent that Nichols decision stands put and he wants this to go through as his legacy to the city’s megastructures.

    Although on the other hand, we have seen our city stop other major projects after they have begun…the Monorail comes to mind…

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