Watch Out for the “Sustainablists”

To read more about how sustainable development is the “root of all our problems” check out this entertaining article in the Deweese Report, a free (not surprising) publication put out by the American Policy Center.  The article is off-base in so many ways, I wouldn’t even know where to begin a rebuttal. The conspiratoriall tone is enjoyable- as if the author believes he has written an expose’ on the heretofore secretive planning process. I try to comfort myself by thinking the circulation of such drivel is maybe a few hundred paranoid, anti-U.N. old-schoolers (one of which is a family member who likes to mail me this stuff). If this is not the case, and there are a substantial number of people that subscribe to such irrational thought, then I suppose we have more to worry about than whether or not we should tax plastic bags (as if we didn’t already know that).