Write In Fred MacMurray for Mayor

A little bird told me that Arthur Murray is going to officially announce the launch of his write-in campaign for Mayor of Seattle on Monday.   Cause everyone knows we mustn’t leave the mayorship up for grabs between two candidates who are not beholden to the insider Democrat machine that has gotten all too comfortably used to running the show in Seattle.  As an example of just how scary the prospect of an unknown outsider Mayor is to the uber-establishment, even Joni Balter and her anti-union Seattle Times editorial board are willing to overlook the fact that the unions are a major driving force behind the movement to draft Edward Murrow.

So don’t forget, write in Eddie Murphy for Mayor of Seattle!


Disclaimer:  This post is almost entirely stolen from some overactive minds out on the facebooks (you know who you are).

6 Responses to “Write In Fred MacMurray for Mayor”

  1. Beal

    Yes, great idea, let’s try to confuse voters! Are you that afraid that McGinn can’t beat a write-in candidate on his own merits? I know this is supposed to be a joke, but it’s really in poor taste. And full disclosure: I intend to vote for McGinn. But voter intimidation and disenfranchisement is a real problem and while you may be joking about it here, I have no doubt that should Murray run, there will be efforts, sanctioned or otherwise, by McGinn and Mallahan supporters to engage in these types of tactics — and it’s a real embarrassment to the process.

  2. Joe G

    As a gay man, I had respect for Senator Murphy and all he has done for our community. But Murray needs to think twice about fucking with emerald city. It seems awfully cowardly of him to come in at the last minute. You know that queen had thought about this before the primary. Surely he was looking at running for mayor before this alleged indecision that the voters brought upon themselves here in Seattle.

    I hope he knows what he is doing. Just the fact that he is thinking about running a write in campaign tells me that he needs to be brought down. Please let me know if you plan on running against him in his next election, I will look at your platform and if a I agree, shall do everything in my power to see to it that you beat him.

  3. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    I’m just glad a dynamic woman politician like Patty Murray is willing to be a write-in.

  4. Dog-breath

    After reading @1, I could feel the minutes dissipating from my lifespan–but then @2 and @3 came through with the antidote. I can go to sleep hoping to see the new day!

    And I understand that we’re supposed to hear on Monday from Morrie himself whether he’s going to actually run a right-in champagne for County Executive.

  5. Byron


  6. Working Family Jobs

    Dan, while I find this post amusing I would actually like to know why Michael McGinn was the only candidate who did not fill out a candidate questionnaire for the KC Labor Council. Was this an intentional FU to the Labor? Or was he just sure he would not get their support so did not bother? Or was there some other reason? When and if you find out let us all know because it just does not sit right.

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