Hugeasscityscapes Vol.1, Scene 3

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  1. Joe G

    How fabulous it would be to achieve that kind of density in an environmentaly sustatainable way. I bet we can do it.

  2. Sivalinga

    I’ll take that bet, knowing there’s no way on earth; on this one, or even on several others.

    You have BEEN to Manhattan, yes? It’s a Piranesi hemmorhage of waste and inutility. It’s a global potlatch of fractal cementitude. Density? It’s a livin’, breathin’, DEATH STAR TRENCH! It’s REAL, it’s phenomenological; probably edging currently towards ‘eschatalogical’.

    It would indeed be fabulous were it even remotely ‘environmentally sustainable’, but it would also be similarly fabulous if it were a rotating sphere of water, filled with psychic Yoga dolphins who all ate scrap laptop batteries and shat Schubert sonatas.


  3. Sivalinga

    PS I meant of course to type ‘eschatological’, not ‘eschatalogical’; although perhaps that typographic snafu was some Derridaean slip or Joycean composite-riff, on my part?

    Anyway. For the record:

    Pronunciation: \ˌes-kə-ˈtä-lə-jē\
    Function: noun
    Inflected Form(s): plural es·cha·tol·o·gies
    Etymology: Greek eschatos last, farthest


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