Um, Excuse Me, But There’s Bacon In That Cupcake

The only question is why hasn’t anyone else in Seattle done this before now.  Or have they?  Such a seemingly obvious combination of two classic foods, loved by hipster and red-stater alike.    

Whether or not they’re first to market with the bacon cupcake, Seattle Coffee Works—on Pike between 1st and 2nd—has them today.  I ate one.  It was forced on me.  I liked it. 

Seattle Coffee Works is experimenting with all kinds of new cupcake varieties, and plans a free coffee and cupcake day in the near future to launch the new cupcake line.   Bad timing?  Here’s to hoping they can withstand the cupcake bubble, because they still make the consistently best cup of espresso in downtown Seattle.

19 Responses to “Um, Excuse Me, But There’s Bacon In That Cupcake”

  1. WB

    Dan, I thought Stella made the best coffee? Which reminds me…

  2. HYoung

    Seattle Coffee Works works for me.

  3. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    Must be inspired by

  4. Brian

    Real environmentalists don’t eat meat.

  5. Joe G

    That looks incredible.

  6. Matt the Engineer

    At least the bacon’s obvious. A friend stopped at a downtown cafe for a brownie and found it to have an odd taste. It turns out it was a bacon brownie. She would have appreciated a larger sign pointing this out, and as a vegetarian I was a bit appalled. I will be more careful with my desert assumptions in the future.

  7. Joshua

    Actually, @4, real environmentalists can eat meat, they just have to feel guilty about it. To be precise, they need to maintain a guilt/meat ratio of approximately 3 to 1. Dan, don’t forget to raise your guilt level appropriately today.

  8. Brian

    I just think it’s interesting that people who can constantly lecture others about carbon footprints, global warming, blah blah blah, don’t do the easiest thing they could personally do to help the problem: not eat meat.

  9. Renee

    A large percentage of environmentalists in Seattle are vegetarian. It is always refreshing to discover this.

    Land use and cars aside, the carbon impact of meat is an issue that no one like to talk about. Thanks for raising the issue, Brian.

  10. NotSoAnonymous


    No one talks about it because meat is goooooooooooooood.

  11. Joe

    @Matt: I once got a corn muffin only to find it was chock full of ham. I am a vegetarian, and there was absolutely no indication of it’s contents anywhere. It’ll be easy enough for me to boycott the place though, as it was in “Backroads Montana” as the ads say.

    Otherwise, it is a shame Dan’s not a veggie, but we’ve all got our own causes. we can’t all protest whaling, meat, over-irrigated farming, poor transit choices, poor residential planning and refrigeration chemicals at the same time.

  12. Matt the Engineer

    Ah, but imagine what would happen if we did.

    Newsflash: 300,000 protesters mobbed a suspected whaling ship today in Interbay.

  13. Joe

    Alright, that would be kind of awesome.

  14. Joshua Daniel Franklin

    I might as well point out that the environmental problems of meat are founded on fossil fuel farming, and not on traditional or biodynamic methods. In that sense eating industrial corn or soy products are also quite damaging to the environment.

    That said, we could all do to eat less meat. And cupcakes. But, they’re delicious.

  15. Joshua

    I have to agree with @14 on this. My earlier comment was a bit glib (it’s fun to make fun of ourselves sometimes, yes?) but it’s the production of meat that’s the issue, not the meat itself (if you’re making the argument from an environmental perspective – ethical arguments are thornier). As Joshua points out, industrial corn and soy are just as damaging (some would argue more so), but the answer isn’t to stop eating vegetables, right? You can be sparing and selective in your meat consumption (as you should be in all consumption) and still feel good about your enviro-cred. Of course, this does rob you of a self-identifier and a nicely packaged solution.

  16. dan cortland

    industrial corn and soy are just as damaging (some would argue more so)…

    More so? How calculated?

  17. Blind Doc Jones

    All it needs is a Habanero Dill.

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