Choo-Choo Train Conference

Gone East to Railvolution in Boston.  They have lots of transit and narrow streets in this city.  Exciting posts will surely be forthcoming.

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  1. Wells

    You dog! I wanted to go. Wah! Have a good trip.

  2. John of Humdinger

    You missed the Downeastah trainride to Maine.
    It was today at Railvolution.

  3. Adam Parast

    And a $12 billion tunnel ;-)

  4. Bill LaBorde

    I think it was a $15B tunnel. I’m learning a lot about the Big Dig while here in Boston for Rail-Volution. The SR 99 tunnel is a different technology, deep bore instead of cut and cover, blah, blah, blah. There are still lots of lessons to be learned. One, is that the Big Dig proponents made all sorts of promises to stakeholders, from transit and bike advocates to the local Native Plant Society. Most of those promises have not been kept. The promised Red Line subway extension turned into a Bus Rapid Transit Line (Silver Line) that’s nowhere near as popular as the subway and doesn’t work nearly as well. Folks in Sommerville and Cambridge are still waiting for their promised extension of the Green Line and bike advocates have received little of what they were promised.

    The reason all these promises were broken? Cost overruns. The ever increasing cost of the Big Dig tunnel and surface improvements diverted funding from the transit and bicycle investments back into the tunnel. Even some of the promises kept, like the one to the Native Plant Society, were only half kept. Much of the surface parks were delivered and landscaped but there is no funding to maintain those parks and greenways. We’re already seeing promises broken with the Viaduct project. First and foremost, the Governor and legislature’s abandonment of the 1.0% MVET to fund Metro transit service. So, you have to wonder what might happen with the greenways, bike facilities and other public amenities once the tunnel and surface street plans start seeing cost overruns.

  5. Michael

    The Railvolution website may go down as one of the worst looking websites I have ever seen. People of the world please remember that there are graphic designers out there who need work. I have a headache now.

  6. Ross

    Michael: Yes, that website is rather startling. Maybe on a long drive you can take a look at it and save yourself the bother of getting another cup of coffee. Actually, the layout isn’t that bad (a bit too busy), but the color schemes are horrible. But as far as being one of the worst? C’mon, it wouldn’t even break the top ten.

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