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The Truth About Density Advocates

City Council Candidate David Miller, known in some circles as a tireless neighborhood advocate and in others as a wackjob NIMBY, had this to say on Publicola a few weeks back: “There are two thoughts in density in Seattle. One suggests density is inherently good for Seattle and the environment, the other suggests that only […]

oh good, now i can feel so much better about that fucking gas station they built in my neighborhood

The Price of Planning

The Roosevelt discussion from a couple weeks ago got me thinking about how Seattle funds planning work. Seems like this slow down in development should give Seattle a much needed opportunity to catch its breath and plan for future growth, maybe put something smart in place, or at least something more streamlined than the behemoth […]

Crosscut Wants Seattle to Do Density Right

For a newsource that has made some pretty wacky statements on urban growth in Seattle, like this, and this, and this, and this, and this, I was delighted to read this lead story on Crosscut today, suggesting a dense and innovative revision for the T. T. Minor property in Capitol Hill. Park space! Limited parking! […]

My Kind of NIMBYs

City Inside/Out covered the Seattle’s classic neighborhood story tonight. “Evil” property owner. “Angry” neighbors. Proposal for mixed-use towers next to cute craftsman-style single-family homes and a quarter mile to a future light rail station. But the angry neighbors are hardly typical. Led by the Roosevelt Neighborhood Association they fought to locate a light rail station […]

The TOD Challenge: How do we make a circle from a line? (Part 1 in a series)

We have spent the last half century designing our cities based on the premise that folks will live in single-use residential neighborhoods and drive their cars to go to work, school, shopping, etc. The result is that our cities, even those that were developed well before the automobile conquered the nation, are left with retail […]