Why HugeAssCity?

It’s not that we’re here to make the argument that Seattle is a hugeass city. Heavens no.  Rather, this is a blog about the concept of hugeass cities, and Seattle as interpreted through the hugeass city lens.  In the context of the megacities of the world, Seattle could never be fairly described as hugeass.  But in terms of the historic scale of human communities, well, perhaps a crass, dude-age word like hugeass fits.  Considered charitably, hugeass seems to imply, “whoa, this thing is way fuggin big and there’s tons of shit going down that I don’t understand.”  But the truth is, hugeass is a word that means many things to many people, and absolutely nothing to more than a few.  And that’s why I like it.  

Maybe Seattle wants to be a hugeass city.  Maybe it already is.  Maybe it thinks it is but really isn’t.  Maybe it never will be no matter how hard it tries.  Whatever.  What matters is that Seattle is definitely changing from whatever it is now to something else, and it seems to be doing it pretty quickly.  This blog is here to document that change, to cheer it, to whine about it, and to interpret it against the backdrop of hugeass cities, from time immemorial, to the present, and into the future.  Capiche?

3 Responses to “Why HugeAssCity?”

  1. Brian

    I could make some huge-ass contributions if that email actually contained a password. :)

  2. kkurmudgeon

    Seattle is the least hugeass of the major NW cities. Or at least not visionary. Seattle is the LA of the North. If our governator gets her way, Seattle’s carbon hugeass -print will only get bigger and smellier. Any time I spend in Portland or Vancouver, BC, I feel like I’m in utopia. Oh for the bikes, the public waterfronts, the frequent light rail and buses. Sigh. Poor Seattle. Home to some of capitalism’s grestest institutions — Microsoft, Boeing, WeyCO, Starbucks. Yet the city can’t ditch the auto or open up the downtown waterfront for a little park. Seattle has its head stuck in its hugeass, sadly.

  3. michael

    also the home of “big butts” as in “i like”

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