living large with a small footprint (a.k.a. having it both ways)

The 1 Hotel and Residences, currently under construction at 2nd and Pine: “…luxury eco-friendly …daring to be the best of everything but never at the sacrifice of the greater environment at large.”

So it’s good that the building has some green features. But it also caters to a clientele likely to have some honkin carbon footprints. Progress?

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  1. kkurmudgeon

    How many old man bars were torn down for this atrocity? I’m sure all those execs are offsetting their carbon-o-trocities. No guilt as long as you can afford the tithe.

  2. Brian Kenny

    Not that someone shouldn’t be the Lorax for old man bars, but isn’t this the project on the lot next to the Bon Marche/Macy’s parking garage? It’s been vacant (except for cars) for at least a decade, as long as I’ve been here.

    So, while empty space in a city is needed, especially in park-poor downtown Seattle, this lot on the Pine street corridor was begging for something to happen. Yet I do wish it was something else, greenwashed or otherwise. I did some sketches in my secret architect dreamer notebook many years ago that I think would have been better than this gazillion-dollar-a-foot harmonized luxury.

  3. neil gitkind

    What “green features”??

  4. Phil McCrackin

    Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.

  5. dan bertolet

    Go to the web site linked in the post to see the green features, click on “building” and then “green.” Good stuff to do but nothing very challenging and definitely nothing that would threaten the bottom line. The paragraph right above the list of “thoughtful green features” is pretty entertaining: “Here, a seamless dialect is created between urban buzz and bucolic serenity… a life of luxury informed by nature…” etc.

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