12th and Pike is Getting All Mod On Us

That big hole in the ground that’s been there forever at 1111 East Pike on Capitol Hill is finally getting filled with building. Designed by Olson Sundberg Kundig Allen; five stories of condos over ground-level retail over two underground parking levels, currently under construction. Looks to be a good mate to Agnes Lofts up at the corner (shown in outline at the left edge of the rendering). That is to say, not typical Seattle-style un-inspiration.

The lot is roughly 60 feet wide, and while that’s not quite as small as 1310 East Union, it’s easily within the “small is beautiful” regime, e.g. note the unobtrusive garage door. Note also how it will be flanked by two older existing buildings, which will give the block a rich diversity in both form and age. Infill done right.

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  1. Phil McCrackin

    “In town, infill is the best use of our resources, … But it’s not what we do, it’s how we do it.”
    -Ann Crowley

  2. michael

    you truly are the master of quotes

  3. Urbanist Wonk Buzzword of the Month: Podiumism | citytank

    […] Lamb argues—correctly, I believe—that it’s okay to have some occasional relief in the street wall, and in particular in this case because the building is so narrow—it’s only 62 feet wide at the sidewalk edge (here’s an example of a ~60 foot wide building). […]

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