Mainstream = Time Magazine = LEED-ND

The LEED for Neighborhood Development pilot program was only launched last summer and already it has been discussed in Time Magazine. A quote: “What is causing global warming is the lifestyle of the American middle class,” says Duany. “It’s terrible for nature and for humans.” Great to see this in one of the most mainstream publications in the U.S., but then again, does anyone actually read Time anymore?

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  1. Phil McCrackin

    “It is the tendency of the social burdens to crush out the middle class, and to force society into an organization of only two classes, one at each social extreme.”
    -William Sumner

    *Yeah, blame the middle class, not the government or corporations. What a cowardly and near-sighted analysis done by Time-Warner, one of the biggest energy wasting corporations in all the land, who actually promote massively unsustainable energy use. Fuckers. At least give us an affordable option.

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