Uninspired Here; Inspired There

Seattle architecture is uninspired. But don’t take it from me. The jurors at the last annual meeting of the Seattle Chapter of the American Institute of Architects said so.

Yet other culturally similar cities get the goods. What gives?

Below is a sampling of housing designed by San Francisco architecture firm David Baker + Partners. These people are form givers. They don’t try to pretend that a box is not a box. Many of their projects are affordable housing, but somehow they still manage to produce interesting design on a tight budget.

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  1. So Un-Seattle | hugeasscity

    […] This tower — like much of Pb Elemental’s work — exudes a quality that is sorely lacking in most Seattle architecture: audacity. Seattle architecture tends to be safe and conservative, adjectives that simply do not apply to a 440′ tower on a 2900 sf lot. […]

  2. Purple | hugeasscity

    […] Might I suggest that this aversion to bold color is related to our aversion to bold building forms? Might I further suggest that both are a manifestation of the Pacific Northwest personality, which seems always to be searching for the middle ground in the hope of not displeasing anyone? I didn’t say that. […]

  3. Pb Elemental is on Fire | hugeasscity

    […] Nearly all of Pb Elemental’s projects have striking form, and as such stand out from most other new architecture in Seattle. And this is creating a distinct marketing identity. […]

  4. DJC Green Building Blog » Blog Archive » Is this building ugly or not?

    […] to say about its design: “The overall effect is, well, just fine, I guess. Pleasant, though not inspiring. Sort of like the Pottery Barn aesthetic writ large—it looks good on a superficial level, but the […]

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