Silly Condo Names

Here’s another Ballard monstrosity just being completed on 24th, right next to the huge hole where the QFC used to be. It’s silly name, NO-MA, is supposed to mean “North of Market.” Ask yourself this. How plainly stupid would you feel telling people you lived in a building called NO-MA in the first place? But at least it lends itself to a little humor.

7 Responses to “Silly Condo Names”

  1. quilsone

    i like “Finí” on, of course, Phinney Ridge. I didn’t mind “The Braeburn” until I found out that they were also planning “The Cameo”. What’s after that – “The Pink Lady” and “The Golden Delicious”?

  2. Rob A

    LOL, the Honeycrisp! Ummmm, yum!

    I have to say, the worst condo name in my eye is ‘1’. Terrible terrible name from a branding perspective.

    ‘Heya, so I hear you bought a place downtown?’
    ‘Yeah, I bought at 1’
    ‘Bought one what?’
    ‘No, the condo 1…’
    ‘Gotcha, you bought a condo… which one?’

    Confusion ensues for a few more minutes…

  3. Andrew

    It’s a dumb name. it is a play on “South of Market” (SOMA) in San Francisco (a huge neighborhood), which is in turn a play on SOHO in new york (south of houston street) which is in turn a backronism for it’s borrowing of the name Soho in London.

  4. dave

    FYI, the Braeburn replaced the old Red Apple market that was at that location. I like the nod to the past, myself.

  5. Zelbinian

    Every time I see that place I get nostalgic about late-90’s Red Sox baseball. I don’t think that was quite the effect they intended.

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