[ Rendering: Group Architect ]

Like a hornet. Like a crayola crayon. Pure, saturated, unapologetic yellow. Five uninterrupted stories of it, no less. And, OMG, it’s right next to traditional brick apartment buildings on both sides. Seattle, are you going to stand for it, this boldness, this blatant disrespect for context?

This happy yellow thing proposed for the corner of Thomas and Melrose on the west edge of Capitol Hill will house 30 apartments and 32 below grade parking stalls; designed by Group Architect. Final design review (big pdf) is March 19.

Perhaps not the most elegant design, but I’ll take simple over cluttered and confused. And check out the size of those balconies — they are requesting a departure to allow them to protrude so close to the property line.

So what are the odds that all that yellow will end up on the finished building?

5 Responses to “Yellow”

  1. cale

    Looks like it’s prepetually under construction.

  2. Knox

    Under construction! That was my very first thought too! It will be easy to spot moving down I-5.

    It’s better than most of that fake brick/capped cornice stuff going in everywhere. What’s the new building on Cap Hill? Way down on the end of Bellevue? The Florence or something, that is so vegas, it hurts.

    I like these big balconies…you can sit there with the sound of I-5 rolling over you like the ocean.

  3. Greg

    They’re going to get quite a bit of graffiti on those nice clean concrete canvasses they’re building on the street corner. They might want to look at the neighboring buildings and figure out how to do something more with creative landscaping or perhaps even creating some kind of stepped entrance to the lower levels.

  4. mike

    if they go with a nice muted ochre from slatescape or custom yellow swisspearl, i think it could work rather well. i’m all for color in this grey-ass town. it’d play off the alien green of the orion center as well. the plinth is really awful, though – could use some work.

    also, could we get some play in those openings? way too rigid. shift those openings or play with the size…. it’s like, ok. i drew one floor plan! rest is a piece o’ cake! tres dull.

  5. Matt the Engineer

    Those large balconies will make wonderful radiators, cooling down the warm yellow spaces all winter (concrete and steel are very good conductors). I predict cold feet and high heating bills.

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